A Doctor’s Story: Going Beyond Functional Medicine

Although functional diagnostic tests have greatly increased in popularity, a number of practitioners are finding more information isn’t always necessarily good, and can pose numerous challenges to doctors. One such doctor, Louis Esquivel, is a licensed medical doctor from San Antonio, Texas with over 25 years of practice experience. He began integrating his expertise in conventional medicine along with holistic and integrative methods in the early 1990’s. His practice focus is to provide safe and effective health and healing solutions using natural and holistic methods whenever possible.

With a great understanding of many different disciplines, Dr. Esquivel still faced a number of challenges and was seeking a way to increase effectiveness of patient results in complex cases while reducing costs and time needed to restore health. He decided to become an Innovative Medicine practitioner and has seen a complete transformation in his practice since signing on board.

Challenges and Limitations of Functional Assessments

Dr. Esquivel has been extensively trained in a number of diagnostic methods including biochemical testing, functional medicine, muscle testing, NAET, Omura testing, kinesiology, and others. Nonetheless, he found the results and information from these tools to be somewhat limited.

The challenges he found to be most inhibitive included:

  • Non-effective patient outcomes with current tools
  • Frustration and anxiety with evaluation options
  • Expenses of functional lab studies
  • Time to access results
  • Needed access to more information about the patient to provide better treatment program

“Treatment protocols developed on the basis of sound laboratory and clinical assessments too often did not result in rapid enough or effective enough patient outcomes. There was much frustration on my part, as well as with the patient. The expense of many functional lab studies was also frequently a barrier to getting “more information” about the patient. All these problems became amplified as I began attracting more and more complex patient cases.

Applying Innovative Medicine

Innovative Medicine was able to work with Dr. Esquivel and provide him with the knowledge, resources and tools to improve patient results while removing all the former limitations in his practice. In a rather short period of time, Dr. Esquivel adopted the methods and medicines that today allow him to take on more complex medical cases with confidence and preparedness.

“The Innovative Medicine trainings have literally been a ‘Godsend‘. The techniques have allowed me to understand the deeper, more fundamental disruptions in the patients health; those with highest priority, as well as directing me to equally as specific and deeply acting treatment protocols. The results have been a significantly higher number of patients achieving their target health goals at an equally impressively rapid rate. Innovative Medicine truly helped usher in a renaissance to my practice. The results have been outstanding patient outcomes and a deep level of satisfaction and comfort, knowing I am helping my patients to the greatest degree that I can.

About Dr. Louis Esquivel

Dr. Esquivel is an accomplished physician and the founder and medical director of Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health of San Antonio. The center provides a truly comprehensive approach to healing,health and wellness. Drawing from the best ideas from both the conventional and holistic medical sciences, Dr. Esquivel offers patients highly individualized assessment and treatment programs. While a wide range of conditions are treated in his office, Dr. Esquivel has a special interest in fatigue related disorders, fibromyalgia and autoimmune disorders.

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