A Doctor’s Story: Identifying Root Causes

Doctors today have become swamped with an ever-growing number of tests and data. And while this increasing amount of information can lead to improved symptomatic treatment, it does little to truly shine a light on the source, or root cause, of a dysfunction. It is said that laboratory tests help doctors determine what is going on within a patient’s body, but the truth is that what lab tests really show is how your body is reacting to an underlying initiating factor (or more likely factors).

Even with extensive training and therapeutic options, an approach that cannot accurately identify all underlying dysfunctions will focus on managing conditions rather than completely healing them. Here is one example of how an Innovative Medicine approach was able to change that.

Challenges in Identifying All Root Causes and Personalizing Treatment

Dr. Beth McDougall is founder and medical director of the Bay Area’s premier Integrative Medical Center, CLEAR Center of Health based in Mill Valley. She is a sought after speaker and is routinely featured in documentaries. At CLEAR Center of Health, Dr. McDougall was able to offer the latest advances in western medicine in conjunction with a blend of studied natural and holistic modalities. The problem that arose came upon treatment of multi-factorial / multi-systemic chronic conditions that most doctors have great difficulty treating. Finding the appropriate and specific therapies and medicines for these difficult cases proved to be troublesome.

The main challenges Dr. McDougall faced included:

  • Accurately identifying ALL root cause dysfunctions (beyond biochemical, and including unseen environmental factors, psycho-emotional, and spiritual)
  • Frustration with difficult and complex cases
  • Lack of all proper tools to personalize treatments
  • Limitation of testing methodology for certain pathogens
  • Nagging sense that although I might be making a person feel better, I’m not truly getting to the root of what’s going on with them, even though I was sincerely trying.

“I could help the majority of patients but felt stuck with the most complex cases. After reaching some dead ends, I would often refer them out to specialists but even so the patients rarely got the help that they needed. Although I had a wide range of natural health solutions, sometimes there would be a long process of trial and error before finding effective therapies and sometimes bad reactions to seemingly innocuous treatments would occur. For some of the most difficult patients there ended up being more of a focus on managing their condition rather than healing it. My more difficult patients, I felt a bit frustrated. I felt like I didn’t quite have all the tools I needed to truly help them. More complex cases like chronic fatigue syndrome, severe Fibromyalgia, chronic infectious disease like neuroborreliosis with co-infections. People that had multiple infections, neurodegenerative diseases, those kinds of patients. And there was even a kind of a nagging sense that although I might be making a person feel better, I’m not truly getting to the root of what’s going on with them, even though I was sincerely trying. And, maybe I was providing kind of a crutch for them to function better but necessarily heal completely.”

Accessing the Innate Intelligence of the Body and Providing Truthful Information about the Patient

Seeking answers and solutions to the frustration she felt, Dr. McDougall turned to Innovative Medicine and became immersed in the unique medical approach. She quickly found great excitement and inspiration from the possibilities afforded when becoming an Innovative Medicine practitioner, and easily implemented the medical systems and techniques. Most importantly were Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.) and the ACMOS Method, two incredibly advanced medical systems. Through Bioresonance Analysis of Health, a practitioner can find and eliminate all causes of dysfunctions on all levels: biochemical and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The system identifies all root causes of a patient’s issues, from toxic exposures to electromagnetic stressors, and energetic imbalances to dysbiosis of the microbiome (something most conventional laboratory tests cannot accomplish).

Other root causes that B.A.H. can identify include:

  • Biological Index (Levels of Toxicity)
  • Reactional Modes
  • Energy Balanced
  • Tissue pH
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Electromagnetic Stress
  • Emotional Stress
  • Cell-to-Cell Communication
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Allergies / Sensitivies
  • Pathogens Present
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Dysfunction Priority
  • much more

Dr. McDougall contributed this time with Innovative Medicine as invaluable and helping her evolve as a doctor.

About Dr. Beth McDougall

Beth McDougall, MD has been in medical practice for 16 years and is the founder and medical director of CLEAR Center of Health, an interdisciplinary, Integrative medical clinic in Mill Valley, California. Throughout her career Dr. McDougall has become a nationally recognized expert, speaker and community educator and has been featured in Vogue magazine and many documentaries on Integrative Medicine. As a medical student at the University of Minnesota, Dr. McDougall organized educational symposia on Integrative Medicine for the allopathic community, planned interdisciplinary health science curricula on Integrative Medicine, and helped start a university department that coordinated research, clinical services, and education in spirituality, cross-cultural medicine, and Integrative Medicine. For these and other efforts, Dr. McDougall was honored by the American Holistic Medical Association.

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