Anti-Aging Done Right: A Holistic Approach Without Chemicals or Toxins

We’re incredibly excited to announce that after much anticipation, the New York Center for Innovative Medicine will finally be launching our new anti-aging division, Elemental Aging, starting May 1stAfter years of utilizing an incredibly sophisticated and unique approach to healing some of the most complex chronic conditions and diseases, this launch applies the knowledge and philosophy behind healing and applies a truly novel new to anti-aging.

Beauty is Health Made Visible

And it all starts with energy. Energy may not be visible, but it is a part of everything in life. Our philosophy stems from this truth and that everything is connected like a delicate web – always changing through expansion and contraction. The ultimate goal is to stimulate and restore the body’s vital energy so that balance is achieved. From balance comes harmony and from harmony comes health, rejuvenation, and beauty. NYCIM goes above and beyond to offer specialized anti-aging treatments that are unique and personalized to each individual. We aim to restore balance within the entire being by incorporating complementary procedures to enhance the skin from the inside out.

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Bringing together the latest in modern science and ancient traditional Eastern wisdom and knowledge, we have carefully designed our Elemental Aging Packages to focus on each of the five elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood. From the introduction of distinctive energetic skincare products from Switzerland, to the most advanced laser technology engineered in Israel, we’re redefining anti-aging treatments and providing you with services found nowhere else in the world for truly radiant results.

“We wanted to provide our patients with something that not only ties in with our philosophy here at NYCIM, but that also delivers very high-quality products and results. While we will be offering stand-alone treatments, we’ve worked diligently to put together unique packages that are tailored to address specific conditions. Anti-aging goes beyond skin deep – it’s about what is occurring at a cellular level. Our innovative approach helps to address these multifaceted aspects of aging by improving the skin from the inside out.”

Elemental Aging Specialist

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