Are Electric Cars a Health Hazard? Let’s Break Things Down

Are Electric Cars Bad for Your Health?

Electric cars offer an array of environmental benefits. Unlike gasoline-driven cars, they don’t emit any harmful gases into our natural environment. 

While this is great for saving our planet and possibly slowing down global warming, are there any costs? What impact do these cars, their batteries, and their EMFs have on the health of the driver and passengers? What should you be aware of?

As recently discussed on our IM podcast about EMF radiation, this article uncovers the hidden health risks behind electric car usage. When frequently used, electric cars may be bad for your health. Luckily, when you understand and acknowledge the possible risks, there are ways to protect yourself.

Let’s take a closer look. 

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Electric Cars: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 

The Bad News

If you’ve recently purchased the latest Tesla, you likely don’t want to find out that your brand new car could have various health risks. However, knowing the risks is a step closer to working around them.

So, what’s the downside of using an electric car?

Tesla brand cars actually act as a Faraday cage, blocking out both natural and unnatural electromagnetic frequencies.

Like cell phones, electric cars generate electromagnetic fields, EMFs. Research has shown that EMFs, in high quantities, pose a danger to our DNA. How does this work? It disturbs the natural frequencies. The natural frequencies within the body help your cells and systems communicate with one another. In turn, this keeps your body running smoothly. However, man-made frequencies – like EMFs – confuse the cells and disrupt the natural ones.

This current pings the DNA with very specific information that then triggers proper protein production. If a different current is produced, it can disrupt this process. And long-term disruption can then greatly impact your body’s ability to maintain balance and health itself.

Various studies have even linked EMF exposure to higher cancer risk. One study, in particular, came to the conclusion that EMFs may increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer. With electric cars, cell phones, and other electronics, the World Health Organization states that EMF levels and exposure continue to increase in conjunction with technological advances.

Ultimately, when it comes to electric cars, it depends on how frequently they are being used. If you don’t use the car often, you probably won’t get affected too much. These infrequent incidences are just drops in the sea of your life or health. In other words, a drop here or there won’t create a massive puddle or wave. But multiple drops add up and could have a bigger impact. Eventually, they could have negative repercussions.

However, these negative effects are entirely preventable. You can reduce your risk of adverse health effects caused by long-term EMF exposure from electric cars.

Reducing Your EMF Exposure Risk

As previously discussed, electric cars offer a slew of environmental benefits, but we can’t neglect their impact on health. The good thing is that if understood and acknowledged, there are ways to protect us against them. 

In fact, EMF protective devices have begun to hit the market already. YouMatrix is one of many popular EMF devices. Yet, this product is made for protection from EMFs transmitted from your cell-phone. Its potency isn’t strong enough to protect you against ongoing EMF exposure from your electric car.

The YouMatrix 5G converts artificial Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), or microwaves, emitted from your cellphone into beneficial, biocompatible frequencies by adding the missing frequencies, which are present in nature.

So what other ways are there? 

You can counterbalance the effects of EMFs and also reduce them in other parts of your life (such as purchasing an EMF protector for your cellphone).

How Does Biosyntonie Help?

Originally developed in France by Pierre Nicholas, Biosyntonie is an energy healing system that realigns and rebalances the body. A practitioner of Biosyntonie uses polarized microcrystalline structures in small clay discs. These discs generate energy waves – in the most natural way possible – enhancing the well-being and health of the person receiving the treatment.

Frequently, illness arises when there is a disruption or disconnect within the body, such as when chronic EMF exposure interferes with the body’s systems. Treatments, like Biosyntonie, limit these disruptions and realign the body’s natural communication systems so that illness is less likely to occur. It dives into the body’s natural healing abilities and regulatory powers, restoring them and ensuring total imbalance doesn’t happen.

Protect Yourself Now – Not Later

Proactively look for ways to reduce and limit your EMF exposure. And yes, that applies to your electric car too. Seek out ways to counterbalance these potentially negative repercussions. Search for Biosyntonie treatment near you, or find other integrative therapies that focus on body energy realignment and rebalance. Buy those EMF protectors for your cell phone. It may sound minuscule now, but in the years to come, you may regret not having taken action sooner.

IM is always looking at how new technological advancements impact our health. With everything good comes something bad or harmful – and vice versa. The key to optimal health and self-improvement lies in our ability to discern what is good from what is less advantageous and protect ourselves from the latter while still receiving the available benefit. Look at both sides of every equation. Most things aren’t entirely what they seem – like electric cars potentially being bad for your health but good for the environment. Our aim is to empower you by asking better questions and approaching topics like this one from a truly holistic perspective.

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