Coffee: A Superfood or Source of Mycotoxins?

Coffee is the most consumed drug in the world. It seems like every week there’s a new study, blog, or Instagram post about the dangers or health benefits of coffee. So what is it? Superfood or unnecessary toxin?

With consumption linked to a reduced risk of renal failure, colorectal cancer, dementia, and even depression, from afar, the world’s favorite caffeinated beverage really appears to be a brain-boosting food chockful of antioxidants.

But for all of its purported benefits, it is still a stimulant that comes from a bean not entirely meant for human consumption. Traditionally, the coffee berry was never roasted or eaten alone but was prepared very much like an ancient grain: denatured with lime and consumed in conjunction with other foods.

So with our modern automation and mechanized farming, coffee is subject to major variations in quality depending on the way it is raised, roasted, and stored. When done properly, coffee can be ripe with benefits, but when genetically modified and grown in less than ideal conditions, coffee beans are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold.

Pedro DoAmaral dishes his view on this controversial drink and shares how to drink coffee “safely” if you still choose to do so.

“When you look at anecdotes from people that are drinking coffee like myself, if I don’t do certain things with the coffee I have the worst day ever. I look like I’m productive, but really I’m just focusing on monotonous tasks that don’t matter.

Pedro DoAmaral Thucydides

A biomedical and biotechnology student at Keiser University, Pedro DoAmaral is an integrative health practitioner.

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