Innovative Medicine at Paris Event to Change the Medical Paradigm

A workshop to discuss the ambitious goal to build an integrated model for medicine and eventually change the current paradigm and the world view was held in Paris on May 19. It was attended by (in alphabetical order) Dr. Amit Goswami – USA (Theoretical Quantum Physicist – Quantum Activist), Anuroop (Tony) Singh – India (Founder – The Quantum Institute for Wellbeing), Caspar Szulc – USA (Innovative Medicine), Dr. Alain Butnaru, Paris – France (Physician – website), Divya Singh, Seeker, Paris – France, Dr. Isabelle Meurgey, Paris – France (Physician – website), Dr. Thomas Szulc – USA (Medical Director – New York Center for Innovative Medicine), Katherine de Freycinet, Seeker, France, Michael Saklad, Business Strategist – France (Saklad Consultants), Professeur Luc Montagnier – France (Physician – Nobel Laureate – website).

The group unanimously resolved to pursue a systematic approach to integrative medicine and believe that this is a significant doable and feasible opportunity. It will reconvene later in the year to continue it’s mission in changing the medical paradigm to a quantum-based, integrative approach that produces incredible results.

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