Medical Insights: Energy, and its Place in Medicine

We think of ourselves as solid “objects”, but really we are 99.9% open space. What holds our molecules together are information fields. Information emanates holographically from our DNA creating a blueprint that when tethered by the polarity of the earth and cosmic fields, orchestrates our embryological development and our growth and physiology.

Our information field can get contaminated by “misinformation.” Every toxin, microorganism, every medication or supplement we take or once took, every stored emotional trauma has its own unique electromagnetic field that is either compatible with our field or incompatible and thus creates energetic disharmony that weakens our field. Additionally, we are bombarded by energetic pollution in the form of WiFi, SMART meters, portable electronic devices, cell towers etc. This misinformation can have profound deleterious effects on our health/physiology.

The cutting edge of Quantum Medicine recognizes that information in the form of frequency and wavelength is primary and underlies our physiology. The most fundamental medical treatment identifies and corrects imbalances in the field of information. Every medical therapy falls short of addressing the true cause of imbalance if the primacy of information is ignored.

It is my belief after studying with Dr. Szulc [Medical Director, Innovative Medicine & the New York Center for Innovative Medicine] that, in the hands of the right person, there is no more profound therapy than ACMOS. Through the ACMOS protocol, the misinformation that is most adversely affecting a person’s health is identified and removed. The energetic field of the individual is rebalanced as the energetic compensation is unwound and a more pristine balance is restored. People have remarked, “it all feels so much simpler in my body now.”

To the practitioner attuned to energy one can perceive all sorts of energetic toxins leaving the system such as chaotic static, stale smells, dark murky color, etc. Sometimes it feels like a noisy party leaves the room. Peace and light are restored. It truly is profound.

About Dr. Beth McDougall

Dr Beth McDougall MD

Dr. Beth McDougall is founder and medical director of the Bay Area’s premier Integrative Medical Center, CLEAR Center of Health based in Mill Valley. She is a sought after speaker and is routinely featured in documentaries. Dr. McDougall did her undergraduate and medical training at the University of Minnesota, where she organized educational symposia on integrative medicine for the allopathic community, planned interdisciplinary health science curricula on integrative medicine, and helped start a university department that coordinated research, clinical services, and education in spirituality, cross-cultural medicine, and integrative medicine.

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