Can Brain Power Really Come from a Pill?

Yes! We believe it can.

Full disclosure: Nadovim was developed by the genius-physician minds at Innovative Medicine. It was designed to address the needs of 95% of patients we’ve seen at NYCIM (The New York Center for Innovative Medicine), and it is currently made available to the general public and you, by yours truly. We were completely unbiased during the formulation of Nadovim, and threw out 99.9% of the formulas (over a period of 2 years) until we found the one that unquestionably worked best. Now that we’ve found it and see its positive effects in the world, of course, we are completely biased. After reading this review, we hope you will be biased too…

The Modern Day Challenge to our Primal Human Brains

“We are witnessing a crisis of brain function decline” said Dr. Thomas K. Szulc in a recent seminar for practitioners. –  An estimated 9 million Americans currently suffer from persistent chronic fatigue. In our recent article, The Art of Focus: How to reclaim your mind in the modern world, we alluded to a frightening inflection-point on which we seem to be converging: Whereby the more complex our society becomes, the more brain power is required to participate effectively. But the more we participate, the more we seem to deplete ourselves of this all-important resource. Some of the answers have to do with being more selective with how we balance our engagement with society, social media and all our various technologies. But other factors may lie beyond our behavioral control.

“Let’s be honest. We spend so much time focusing on wrinkles and muscles that we often neglect our own brains. But the brain is so incredibly important to all the actions that make us human. And that’s why it meant so much to us to create a one-of-a-kind solution to protect and optimize this critical organ and allow us to perform at peak cognitive levels.”

Co-Founder, Innovative Medicine

Regardless, rather than cultivating a society of vibrant, healthy and energized individuals, we are seeing record high numbers of individuals fighting fatigue, and directing their valuable energy resources toward simply managing life with a chronic condition. 133 million Americans — more than 40% according to the National Health Council suffer from one or more chronic health conditions. This despite the fact that Americans pay considerably more in health care per capita than citizens of any other country on earth, according to a recent article in the LA Times.

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What is Nadovim?

Nadovim is the latest breakthrough in brain health. The first doctor-created and clinically utilized NAD+ supplement on the market.

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is the chemical term for a molecule that reacts with oxygen in the mitochondria in every cell of your body in order to create energy so you can move, breathe, pump blood, digest food, think, and generally, live your life. — Lack of this essential cellular fuel is now recognized as a key feature of chronic fatigue, apathy, depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug addiction, weak immune system (infections and cancer), muscle pain and weakness, headaches, memory disturbance, sleep problems, focus and concentration defects and other chronic diseases. NAD deficiency may be an unrecognized epidemic of cellular disease.— Mind Body Medicine Center

NAD is an essential building block in cellular energy production. Without a sufficient supply, the mitochondria cannot adequately convert the nutrients from the foods we eat into usable energy. As we age levels of NAD naturally begin to decline. But this decline is often accelerated when subjected to long-term stress, poor sleep, lack of quality nutrients, and use of drugs or alcohol.

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Here’s Why We (as well as Doctors and Experts) Recommend It

Like with any fuel or substrate in the human body, stores of NAD must be replenished when depleted. Pushing yourself to be active, or to focus and concentrate when you don’t have adequate fuel in your tank, or an adequate means of converting your food into fuel is sure to lead to sluggish and impaired performance.

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Of course, we can never neglect that natural means of caring for ourselves and topping off our energy supplies as best we can via quality sleep, nutrition, and mitigation of stress. But even with these areas of life covered we’re living in a world with wifi, email, endless demands and digital distractions. Hence the need for supplements such as Nadovim.

Who Should use Nadovim?

Honestly, if you live in the modern, then your are most likely NAD+ depleted and Nadovim may likely benefit you. That is why we created it. Moreover, if you are looking to bring your brain’s mitochondrial function (and resulting cognitive performance) back to a healthy baseline then Nadovim may help you to accomplish this. Of course, we would never say that this or any supplement is a replacement for positive lifestyle habits, but as we stated above, for those who’s sleep, nutrition and stress are in check and still feel cognitively depleted then Nadovim may help.

But, don’t just take our word for it – there is plenty of research on NAD+

Nadovim is one of the only supplements on the market that uses NAD+ as the main ingredient, along with enhancing nutrients and botanicals. In a study performed by Georgetown University Medical Center, 72% of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome reported positive improvements when taking 10mgs of NADH daily. Additionally, an article published on Science Direct expressed that, “Researchers from Spain found that CoQ10 plus nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) supplementation for 8 weeks is safe and potentially effective in reducing max heart rate among chronic fatigue syndrome patients.” — This serves to demonstrate the multi-systemic effects of enhancing energy efficiency from a fundamental cellular level.

There is a lot of excitement at this time surrounding the applications of NAD+. From improving systemic fatigue to symptoms of withdrawal, to neuroprotective and even cognitive enhancing benefits, it seems we’re just scratching the surface of what this miraculous molecule can do. It always behooves us to take as best care of ourselves as we can. Adding a supplement such as Nadovim that works on such a fundamental level of energy production, may greatly enhance the benefits of our efforts.

Where You Can Purchase Nadovim

Nadovim can be purchased directly online at And because we love our readers, here’s a link to save 25% off your order of a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription:

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