NETFLIX & Heal – Top 7 Health Documentaries

Over 148 million people use Netflix. And that number continues to grow.

In the general population, Netflix has become the go-to for after-work pastimes. About 70% of Netflix users admit to binge-watching.

You’ve likely been there. You sit down to watch an episode – maybe 2. A few hours later, you’re 4 episodes deep. It happens.

Yet, regular binge-watching isn’t necessarily the healthiest activity for your body or your mind. According to Reader’s Digest, it increases your risk of premature death, may make you antisocial, and it depletes your focus and concentration abilities.

But what if you could use that time to gain better insight into how you can preserve your health and reverse disease?

Possibly unsurprisingly, Netflix offers a variety of educational documentaries. These documentaries highlight ways that you can improve your life and health.

Next time you plan on binge watching that 6 season series, consider watching one of these documentaries instead.


HEAL ranked #1 on iTunes Documentaries. And now, it’s available on Netflix. This documentary dives into the minds of top scientists and spiritual teachers. It follows 3 individuals on their specific healing journeys. They show what works and what doesn’t. They bring science and spirituality together, giving a fresh perspective on how self-healing promotes optimal health and wellness.

HEAL takes into account an individual’s thoughts, beliefs, and emotions – and expands on how these factors also influence your health and your life. Take a couple of hours and become empowered. This documentary will open your eyes.

In fact, your attitude, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions don’t only impact your mental health – but also your physical health. Holistic health and well-being is considered optimal functioning of all these parts. And it goes to show that you have more control than you think when it comes to your health and when it comes to healing disease.

2. Root Cause

UPDATE: This documentary was taken off of Netflix due to pressure from dental associations. You can still view the documentary here.

If you’re scared of the dentist, this documentary might not be the best option for you. But if you’re intrigued by medical procedures gone wrong – or the risks associated with undergoing a root canal – this might be a good fit.

Root Cause follows a man as he searches for the cause of his chronic illness. His hunt takes you through an interesting chain of events and treatment attempts. He tries conventional medicine, specific diets, supplements, alternative medicine, and spiritual cures. It ends up showcasing the health risks associated with root canals – as a root canal is uncovered as the ‘root cause’ of his illness

What will you gain from it? You’ll get insight into how your dental health is inevitably connected to your overall health and wellness – a fact that is commonly overlooked. You’ll begin to understand the biological dentistry perspective and how each tooth has correlations with specific organs and systems in the body. Innovative Medicine even played a part in this documentary. Our team found the root of his health problems – which was an infected area following a root canal.

3. Take Your Pills

Today’s society is a fast-paced and high-pressured. You are constantly told to keep pushing and to get ahead. It’s never enough. ‘Take Your Pills’ explores the effects of Adderall on students, athletes, coaches, and more. Adderall is frequently taken to improve concentration and attention. Yet, the risks of taking it are highly underrated. This documentary explores the positives and negatives of the drug. It digs into how Adderall become a popular prescription in today’s culture – and why you should take it with caution. Is it okay to take Adderall to drive your 18 hour work day? What is the cost of trying to do better? Where do you draw the line?

This documentary highlights how medicine and drugs are not necessarily the right route toward success or health. The negative health effects frequently counteract the positive effects. And sometimes, there are better alternatives that will get you to where you want to be faster and without negative consequences. Doctors often prescribe medication when lifestyle factors or more natural means may help just as much. And ‘Take Your Pills’ dives into just that.

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4. Forks Over Knives

Diabetes and heart disease run rampant. Obesity has become an epidemic. How did we get here?

Forks Over Knives outlines how processed foods have led us to this point. But what if treating food like medicine is the answer? How can you thwart diseases or better your health through a plant-based and whole-food diet? Scientists show how one simple change can better your health and your life.

The documentary is about an hour and a half long. And if you struggle with any of the above issues – or generally want to optimize your health and longevity – it’s worth the watch. You’ll learn how you can approach your diet better – as well as how it impacts your body as a whole.

Essentially, the film promotes a low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet. It shows how this type of diet can help you avoid disease and why. It also looks at this type of diet as a way to reverse negative health caused by disease. It challenges the conventional medicine approach. And there’s a ton of truth to it. Various studies show that a simple change in diet can have many positive impacts on one’s overall health. It decreases stress throughout the body – eliminating a number of ailments. And with less stress and inflammation in the body, you feel better overall. It has the potential to pave your way toward a healthy life and longevity.

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5. The C Word

The C Word challenges the conventional approach to treating and preventing cancer. It examines factors – such as stress management, toxic avoidance, exercise, and diet – and looks into how they can reduce your risk of cancer. Filmmakers emphasize a holistic approach to optimal well-being and health – one that you too can start including in your life.

Similar to other documentaries mentioned above, The C Word challenges the conventional medicine approach. It brings to light aspects that conventional medicine tends to miss – such as diet, exercise, stress, and toxins. It shows that you can control your outcome to some degree by being aware of these factors. Again, it takes a holistic approach to prevent disease. You can improve your outcome – and a lot of it has to do with your lifestyle.

6. In Defense of Food

Food is frequently blamed for a number of unfortunate health events. The documentary, In Defense of Food, shows how today’s Western diet is wrecking your health.

Basically, if you’re wondering what you should eat to become ‘healthy,’ this documentary dives straight in. It offers future solutions to the food and health problem of today.

The documentary further emphasizes Michael Pollen’s approach, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants,” from his book, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto. It also incorporates how you can eat healthy via 3 simple rules.

You’ll learn what ‘real’ food is and why your body needs it. It again offers ways to escape the traditional Western diet – which contributes to an array of diseases and negative health effects. Watch it and find out how to better approach the world of food.

7. What the Health

How do big businesses and the government influence your health? What is keeping you sick? What the Health investigates the corruption behind the government and big businesses, and how they are causing widespread diseases and illness. Is the food industry driving the healthcare industry? What is really going on?

It further points out various pieces wrong with the dairy and meat industry. It’s another documentary that points you in the right direction when it comes to utilizing food to better your health and well-being. It directs individuals toward a plant-based diet. A lot of the issues in the world of food are due to highly processed and chemically added components. Going back to the basics gives your body what it needs. Consequently, it guides you toward better health and a better life.


8. Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

Many of the above documentaries describe problems with our food industry. On the other hand, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things targets our materialistic lifestyle. It focuses on how your things really aren’t making you happy. It goes hand-in-hand with a cluttered environment equating to a cluttered mind.

Having less means having more. This documentary shows you how and why that’s true. Improve your mental and emotional health by decreasing the amount of ‘stuff’ you collect in your life. Live through your actions and experiences – not your things.

And in turn, by improving your mental and emotional state – you may experience more fulfillment in other parts of your life. For instance, having less clutter around you has proven to increase productivity. Set the stage to optimize your life by optimizing your environment. Take that weight off. You don’t need it. Then, watch your overall health improve.

Use Netflix to Improve Your Life

While Netflix provides an ideal space for after-work relaxation, you can use it also to learn and grow. That next rainy day – check out any of the above documentaries. Find out how you can improve your life – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

And in turn, by improving your mental and emotional state – you may experience more fulfillment in other parts of your life. For instance, having less clutter around you has proven to increase productivity. Set the stage to optimize your life by optimizing your environment. Take that weight off. You don’t need it. Then, watch your overall health improve.

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