PHYTO5: A New Approach to Anti-Aging

Over the past several decades, various toxins and harmful chemicals have become prevalent in anti-aging and other cosmetic products.

As a result, countless natural and organic skincare lines have been created to meet the demand for something better.

But as new developments in scientific research and insights into ancient knowledge are made, room is made for something which doesn’t simply seek to move away from the dependance on harmful chemicals but which seeks to realize a complete inner and outer body treatment never before seen in cosmetics or anti-aging.

That’s where PHYTO5 comes in.

A Revolutionary Approach to Anti-Aging and Skincare Wellness

“Beauty is health made visible.”

That’s the motto of PHYTO5, a holistic energetic skincare company whose laboratory is located in the Swiss Alps near the town of Neuchâtel.

The company’s name, PHYTO5, stands for “Phytobiodermie” (roughly translated as “life plants for the skin”), and it’s based on the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine.

Their mission it is to bring together the latest in modern science (quantum physics, most interestingly) and combine it with both ancient Chinese health and medicinal knowledge and Swiss medical innovation to create the world’s first energetic anti-aging and beauty products that transform the physical body from within.

The result? Revolutionary skincare products that improve well-being at multiple levels including the skin, vital energy, and emotions.

Feeling better, stronger,
renewed from within and glowing without–the embodiment of a profound sense of relaxation and well-being.

How PHYTO5’s Energetic Skincare Products Work

Energetic skincare” is the term PHYTO5 uses to describe their unique approach to creating holistic skincare products that serve both inner and outer wellness.

But such an innovative way of looking at and treating the human body required an equal measure of innovation to create beauty, spa, and wellness treatments that would have such an effect.

And that’s exactly what they did.

PHYTO5’s innovations in beauty and wellness treatments include:

Utilizing the energetic properties of plants
PHYTO5 first took aromatherapy to a new level, going beyond utilizing the therapeutic properties of plants by discovering how to utilize the energetic properties of said plants as well.

Creating more effective essential oil blends
Utilizing ancient theories of Chinese medicine, PHYTO5 also created all-new and more effective blends of natural essential oils, one of the most important elements of modern skincare products. Most notably, essential oils with the ability to balance the 5 basic vital energies in the body, something never before done.

Pioneering light therapy
In 1998, PHYTO5 was awarded the Prize for Innovation at the Paris Beauty Trade Show for its pioneering use of light therapy in skincare treatments.

Utilizing the prior research on light therapy from Nobel Prize winner Niels Ryberg Finsen, PHYTO5 researchers were the first to create a form of light therapy which improves harmony between the energy fields within the body, thereby improving physical wellness on several levels.

And developing the industry’s first quantum skincare products
In addition to these innovations, PHYTO5 has developed the very first quantum skincare line.

What exactly does that mean?

PHYTO5’s Element line, the world’s first energetic and quantum-certified skincare line, uses principles of quantum physics to elevate the vibrational frequency in its natural essential oils.

That’s where the quantum part comes in.

PHYTO5’s process for creating quantum-level treatments produces vibrational frequencies so high that they reach a subatomic level– referring to the level at which particles are smaller than an atom– which, in turn, increases their potency beyond that of the average skincare treatment.

As a result, an entirely new skincare treatment was created that “offers long-lasting results at three levels: physical, vital-energy, and emotional.”

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PHYTO5’s Quantum-Certified Skincare Line

PHYTO5 understands that skin changes with the seasons.

You can’t wear a bathing suit in the crisp cold air of Winter nor would you wear a heavy coat during a Summer heatwave. And the same goes for your skin. You can’t use a Summer product for your skin during the thick of Winter.

Depending on the season your skin and body as a whole require different things to protect, nourish, and regenerate properly.

Your skincare routine should change depending on the season just in the same way that your wardrobe changes to adapt to the changing environment and give your body what it needs to both protect and regenerate.

PHYTO5’s Element line does this– something no other skincare line does.

That’s part of the power of energetic and, especially, quantum-level treatments, which are based on cutting-edge research into quantum physics related to the nature of energy in all living things.

But PHYTO5’s Element line also helps adapt to changes in emotional energy as well through these same quantum skincare innovations.

By increasing the vibrational frequencies of the product itself, positive emotional energy can be released to the surface, thereby increasing both physical wellness and emotional wellness together.

PHYTO5’s signature Element line has five products, each assisting with different physical and emotional factors:

  1. The Wood Line – Spring
    Emotional: For self-doubt and anger
    Physical: For oiliness, blackheads, and hyperpigmentation
  2. The Fire Line – Summer
    Emotional: For general unhappiness
    Physical: For irritated, sensitive, or allergic skin
  3. The Metal Line – Fall
    Emotional: For sadness and discontent
    Physical: For dry, flaky, or lifeless skin
  4. The Water Line – Winter
    Emotional: For fear and agitation
    Physical: For dehydrated skin and wrinkles
  5. The Earth Line – Between Seasons
    Emotional: For worry and mental blocks
    Physical: For blemishes, acne, enlarged pores, and psoriasis

By identifying your particular symptoms, with the right Element treatment you’re able to protect and nourish as well as cure imbalances in the body from both the inside and out.

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An Innovation in Wellness: Bringing the Inner & Outer Together with Quantum Treatments

Findings from the latest research into quantum physics have shown us that the body and mind, our “outer world” and our “inner world”, are directly interconnected and that by tapping into the quantum level we can create anti-aging and cosmetic treatments more effective than anything ever seen before.

PHYTO5’s energetic and quantum skincare treatments stand out from the rest as both more potent and more all-encompassing than any skincare product currently available, utilizing both innovative discoveries in quantum physics and insights into ancient knowledge.

After both rigorous and careful testing and several quality assessments, it was clear that PHYTO5’s products and therapies stood out from the rest.

It’s for this reason that Innovative Medicine and our medical center, the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, has proudly selected PHYTO5 as one of the main lines in our new anti-aging division. Not only did their products test at a very high quality with regenerative properties, but the Phyto5 treatments proved to be a truly unique and effective form of anti-aging therapy. For more information about PHYTO5 and their Element and Swiss anti-aging lines, including face, body & scalp, bath therapy, and massage treatments, visit

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