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As a world-renowned integrative clinic operating for over 20 years, we’ve seen our share of health products. Patients have literally walked in with garbage bags full of different supplements, remedies, foods, drinks, waters, creams, lotions, and devices wanting to know: are these high-quality and good for me? The sad truth is, not only did the majority of the products we tested fail to produce any positive results, many of them were potentially contributing to the patient’s state of disease. 

That’s why we started sharing our findings and product assessments with the public. Before we get into HOW we test, it may be best to start with WHY we test.

Why Quality Matters

Ask almost any nutritionist “what is healthy?” and you will unfailingly be guided through a maze of pie charts and pyramids, each depicting the quantity of nutrients that are said to be ideal. (At least based on this weeks’ research). And while the suggested daily percentages of vitamins & minerals, or fats & carbs will continue to fluctuate based on bad science and biases, there is one fact that will never change: Quantity means next to nothing if we don’t first consider quality.

Here’s an example of just what we mean. Which is better?

a) A capsule containing 100mg of vitamin C 

b) The one that contains 500mg of vitamin C

Conventional wisdom would have us choose the latter. But beyond the fact that more does not always equate to better, now consider that the 500mg capsule is loaded with fillers and mixers to enhance its shelf-life which, as a side effect, decrease its bioavailability (the amount your body can readily absorb and use) to about 1%, or 5mg. And consider that option a) is extremely fresh and high-quality giving it a bioavailability of 100%, and exposing you to its full 100mg potential. Now, care to change your answer?

The point here is that we don’t want to neglect quantities of nutrients that our bodies need, but if quantity is king, then quality should be emperor. In fact, the role of quality goes far beyond simply determining how much of a thing can absorb into the body but also dictates what effect it will have on your health. 

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Whatsmore is that quality is not limited to the things we ingest and goes on to include everything we put in or on our bodies. Our food, supplements, creams, beauty products, face washes, soaps, detergents, and basically everything we come in contact with all have a certain quality that impacts our health. 

The bottom line is this. You cannot achieve high-quality health by exposing yourself to low-quality products. 

This is precisely why NYCIM has compiled, for you, this running list of products ranging from nutritional supplements & food products to sunscreens & cosmetic items – all clinically verified in our world-renowned clinic to be of the highest possible quality and therefore contribute to your best quality health.

How We Measure Quality

Our approach to measuring the quality of any product is in line with how we approach evaluating any patient and their root causes of illness – through multiple approaches. By using multiple evaluation approaches and clinical knowledge we are better able to determine the quality, and therefore effectiveness, of any product. 

Here’s how we measure the quality of the products we test:

  1. Clinical Experience
    When we begin any analysis, we often lean on our medical team and their experience. Treating complex cases from around the world and having many years of medical experience at our disposal definitely helps in gathering valuable health information on how a product can impact key wellness indicators. In addition to our own medical team, we have a vast network of healthcare providers that share their experience and expertise regularly, often providing insight on specific products used on their patients.
  2. Ingredient Research
    Tapping into the latest research and findings on ingredients and utilizing information and data gathered via medical events and publications frequented by our medical team, we are able to identify those ingredients that are toxic and/or harmful to the human body. Additionally, our clinical team has a unique understanding of how specific ingredients impact the human body or synergistically work together to aid in healing and promoting wellness.
  3. Production Process Information
    While having high-quality raw ingredients and material is a great start, understanding the production process is just as important. Think about going to a top restaurant, hearing about the farm-to-table approach, and how the chefs go out every morning to assess and select the highest quality starting ingredients for their meals and then using a microwave to prepare the meal. Not exactly the fine dining cooking process you’d expect. The same goes for the products we often use. By digging into the production process, we have a better understanding of the level of quality a product possesses.
  4. Hearing from the Creators
    Want to learn more about a product? Then why not go straight to the source – the creators behind it. We take the time to speak with (and often interview) the minds behind products to get an inside perspective most do not have.
  5. Energetic Evaluation
    When it comes to a true and deep understanding of quality, we finally turn to energy. Already having its place in medicine, the practice of assessing energetic quality, not just physical/biochemical analysis, dates back thousands of years to traditional Chinese medicine as well as Ayurvedic practices.

At NYCIM, our medical team is trained in assessing products energetically via the principle of resonance and the Lecher Instrument. Resonance is a widely known scientific law of physics which states that everything we perceive as matter, including solid food, supplements, and other products, is composed of fields of energy which at the quantum (or very tiny) level, vibrate at specific frequencies. Each product is energetically assessed and only products whose energy field (and therefore qualitative health impact) is radiating, rebuilding, and optimally regenerating passes our final, and most important, test.

With this knowledge in hand, we are proud to bring you an ongoing list of high quality and truly healthy products ranging in type from supplements to sunscreens and everything in between. 

If you wish to submit a recommendation for a product you’d like to see tested, please feel free to email us at and we’ll do our best to research and test products and share ones that can contribute to your health, happiness, and wellbeing.

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