Restoring Proper Biorhythms

Both scientific and anecdotal evidence have long demonstrated the profound role that nature’s rhythmic cycles play in signaling biological processes and sustaining good health. As biological organisms living on this planet, our rhythm of life is optimally dictated by circadian, circannual, and lunar rhythmic cycles.

Today, mounting evidence and clinical studies conclusively demonstrate that disrupting these natural rhythms, i.e. being at odds with nature and our environment, is the root cause of insomnia, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, and a host of modern chronic diseases that are rapidly reaching epidemic proportion.

TS Wiley“We prove that major killers like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are caused by short nights, working long hours, and the electricity that gives us the ability to do so. Lights are the ultimate endocrine disruptors that shut down proper hormone production and ruin our health, unless we take very specific action.”
– T.S. Wiley, acclaimed author of Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival

The Problem

The problem of offset biological rhythms is vast and growing. Entire fields of scientific study such as chronobiology, chrono-immunology, and environmental endocrinology have emerged to address this problem. Fortunately, by fully addressing the laws of quantum mechanics and applying them to the human organism, there are sophisticated therapeutic solutions for restoring excellent health among the most complex 21st century cases.

A significant portion of the population suffers from varying degrees of seasonal depression. The far reaching effects that stem from being out of sync with our natural environment are all but unfathomable. They range from seasonal depression to cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, endocrine dysfunction, tumors and even cancer!

Recent medical research tells us that,as a direct consequence of rhythmic interference, as many as 60 million Americans (20%) suffer from mild to severe cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which directly results in depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), carbohydrate over consumption and obesity, compromised immune function, and impaired cognitive function.

“Cumulatively, the occurrence of SAD and SSAD (Sub-syndromal Seasonal Affective Disorder) together is 11-21 percent. This indicates that a significant portion of the population suffers from varying degrees of seasonal depression.”
Dr. Alan L. Miller, ND, Epidemiology, Etiology and Natural Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder

In his complete medical review (available here via Thorne Research, Inc)  Dr. Miller goes on to discuss a host of scientific studies ranging from the military, to NASA, to clinical research, depicting the varying degrees of susceptibility that people have to disrupted biological rhythms. His research suggests that gender, adaptation, genetics, epigenetics and habitat latitude all play major roles. He also posits four popular hypotheses to account for such varying health impacts, each of which focuses solely on the biochemistry of a person.

Biochemical Hypotheses

  • Phase Shift Hypothesis – finding that bright light can suppress melatonin production
  • Serotonin Hypothesis – a deficit in brain serotonin is the origin of depression
  • Abnormal Pineal Melatonin Secretion Hypothesis – artificial lights used later in day reduce melatonin production

Most notably, Dr. Miller makes a fascinating observation:
“regardless of the timing of light therapy, melatonin levels in both SAD patients and controls respond similarly. Also, no significant difference has been noted in melatonin secretion after light therapy in responders compared to non-responders; the melatonin response is the same whether SAD symptoms remit or persist. These findings may negate the hypothesis that a shift in melatonin secretion is the cause of SAD symptomatology”

The fact that researchers cannot trace the pathology from environmental signals to outright symptoms and disease using only conventional measures (such as hormones and chemicals) should be a clear indicator that other forces are at work. Even in those many cases where environmental stimuli are known to bring about changes in biochemistry, most research articles still conclude that “the exact causes of such changes remain unclear”.

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How is it that something as seemingly insignificant as “being out of sync with our environment” can lead to tumors, cancer, and heart disease? How do we get from a macro-cosmic trigger to a cellular and molecular impact? The answer to these questions lies in bridging the gap through quantum physics and understanding our role in the universe as an integral part of a large and dynamic system.

A Quantum Approach

“When you try to separate a human being from his surroundings, you lose the complete picture – we must take an integrative and biological approach in order to find the best possible treatment and achieve great success.”
– Dr. Thomas K. Szulc

Not unlike the analogy of a computer, all biological organisms, including us humans, require information in order for our components (hormones, chemicals, neurotransmitters, proteins, etc.) to carry out their proper functions. When you understand quantum coherence – how the very large (universe) relates to the very small (individual) – it becomes vividly clear that biochemical and hormonal changes are merely effects of a problem and not the problem in and of themselves. They are certainly not the cause. For this reason, any treatment that addresses only the biochemical level will fall short of producing real and enduring restoration. For that, we need to address not just the physical elements of a person but also his or her lifestyle, habitat, thoughts, and conditioned stress responses – all of which feed into that person on a deep informational level.

Computer InformationWhat is meant by information? Consider the analogy of a computer: It has a defined body or form, the components that we call “hardware.”  And it performs certain functions according to its programs, or “software.” But there is one more element that is required for a computer to carry out any of its functions. That element lays at the most fundamental level. It is information – in this case, the coding that tells the program which functions to run and exactly how those functions should perform.

Not unlike the analogy of a computer, all biological organisms, including us humans, require information in order for our components (hormones, chemicals, neurotransmitters, proteins, etc.) to carry out their proper functions. And like the coding for the operating system of a brand new computer, we innately possess all of the information required in order to function properly and arrive at a state of perfect health.

The problem comes when information is distorted due to an array of interference fields including electro-magnetic pollution, geopathic stress, poor diet, negative thoughts, and living out of sync with nature’s intended rhythmic cycles.

Thinking about health from this perspective and understanding that, while chemistry is affected, the root source of dysfunction is “wrong information” or what T.S. Wiley refers to as “false triggers,” it becomes obvious that any attempted solution must address this root cause if it is to be widely successful in restoring good health through proper function on ALL levels – source to surface.

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