Soraa: Bringing Natural Light From the Sun Indoors

Natural Light: Why You Need It

We all want natural light to take the perfect selfies. While artificial light pervades our homes and offices, the quality of light we are exposed to impacts our health almost as much as what we eat, how much movement we get, and our quality and length of sleep.

Most individuals don’t turn to light as a source of improving their health. Yet, the gym, quality sleep, and a good diet are no replacement for your body’s exposure to natural and quality light.

In this article, we’ll dive into why light is important, what happens when you don’t get enough of it, and how you can bring natural light indoors with Soraa. So, if you’re interested in understanding how light can improve your health and your life, keep reading

Shining a Light On the Problem

There’s More to Light Than What Meets the Eye

Technology has benefited the human race in so many ways. It allows us to stay up past dark and get up before the sun rises. In other words, it provides flexibility, which has allowed our societies to grow and flourish in many ways.

In fact, before the lightbulb was invented, humans weren’t necessarily inclined to stay up after dark.

Soraa Light Product Shot

However, these light inventions and technology also have a dark side. They’ve removed us from our natural habitat under the sun and altered our sleep-wake cycles. And considering parts of the world become darker at certain times of the year, it’s safe to say that many individuals are lacking when it comes to natural light exposure. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) accounts for 10% of depression cases. This type of depression is linked to less sunlight and shorter daylight hours in the winter months. Yet, light therapy is the main treatment method when it comes to this type of depression. Light doesn’t just impact our physical health, but also our mental well-being.

Light is also necessary for obtaining vitamin D, also called the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D contributes to bone growth and the body’s ability to absorb calcium. Additionally, it is important for cell growth, immune function, and neuromuscular function. 

Lastly, the power of light plays a role when it comes to your sleep cycle or your circadian rhythm. Darkness signals your body to release melatonin. This is why you feel sleepy after dark. But light inhibits the release of melatonin. This is why artificial light is often blamed for sleep issues, especially if you’re watching T.V. or using a computer screen right before bed. 

However, exposure to natural light first thing in the morning can support your natural sleep cycle, raising cortisol and contributing to increased levels of alertness. In a way, natural light could also help keep your circadian rhythm in check during those darker days. This is where Soraa comes into play.

How Soraa Imitates Natural Light Indoors

Soraa brings about the idea that the quality of light matters. They’ve created a full spectrum color LED light that gravitates toward natural light, supplying you with a better light source. 

This company takes into account how light impacts your emotions, well-being, and productivity – something that sets them apart from the rest. Generally, this company and its founder, Shuji Nakamura, wanted to mimic the light produced by the sun with the hope that your sleep and health are not disrupted. In effect, they’ve created an artificial light that can actually benefit your health.

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Soraa – Our Recommendation 

Why Soraa?

Light Is Finally Getting the Innovation and Attention It Deserves

Soraa uses almost the entire light spectrum to produce the most natural light possible. It sheds the idea that harmful artificial light is the only way. Instead, the Soraa team has used innovation and technology to create a similar light spectrum to the sun – one that we know has an array of benefits when it comes to human health and well-being.

And this falls right in line with our philosophy at Innovative Medicine. At Innovative Medicine, we believe in incorporating a holistic approach to your health. We also strive to provide product reviews that don’t include harmful chemicals and that take on an all-natural approach. Soraa is the first light company of its kind to match up with these beliefs. It stands apart from the rest by providing you with the most biocompatible artificial light rays.

Who Should Use It?

Soraa offers a range of products from consumer lamps to professional lights. Almost anyone can benefit from this type of light. In fact, Soraa has a bit of a reputation when it comes to lighting up big projects, such as museums, restaurants, galleries, retail or commercial spaces, hotels, and more.

Embrace the Power of Natural Light

When it comes to health, every little piece counts. And natural light might be the piece you’re missing along your health journey. Usually, sickness or illness doesn’t happen for one reason alone. This is why at Innovative Medicine, we take on a holistic approach to your health and wellness.

Unlike conventional medicine, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We embrace all types of medicine, including the power of natural light. Purchase Soraa lamps here or subscribe to our email list to learn more about how you can improve your health and wellness through alternative approaches.

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