Stellar Delux: Shining the Light on Electronic Gem Therapy

Gemstones in Healing

Gemstones and crystals have been widely used as jewelry and precious décor since ancient times.  But if you thought they were merely ornamental, you’d be missing their greater healing potential.

Several civilizations from the past – The Egyptians, Aztecs, Chinese and ancient Indian Kings – across the board attributed mystical and magical powers to crystals. Formed over millions of years ago inside the Earth’s crust, these precious stones have been known to be concentrated with immense vibrational energy. These properties have been used for eons to heal the human body of a variety of ailments.

How does the vibrational energy of a gemstone translate to disease healing?

The correlation becomes evident when the concept of the human body being an “energy body” is understood!

We Are All Made of Energy 

“Everything in life is Vibration” – said Albert Einstein. This includes everything from our thoughts and emotions all the way to the everyday silent biochemical cellular reactions. We are so much more than the sum of our organs Ancient Ayurvedic practitioners believed that our physical body is surrounded by an energy field. Per this theory, seven energy centers (Chakras) in the human body form the basis of our existence. Each of these chakras possesses a unique vibrational frequency and is associated with a certain color in the “ROYGBIV” spectrum. Unobstructed free flow of vital energy force “Prana” or “Qi” (per Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM) through these energy meridians are believed to be fundamental to organ function and cellular processes. The blockage of any of these seven chakras insulates the human body from energy exchange with its immediate environment. Accumulated stagnant energy is therefore believed to form the basis of all disease states.

Each chakra is responsible for the regulation of a set of organs. For instance, the solar plexus chakra – associated with the color yellow on the ROYGBIV spectrum – controls organs in the abdominal region. A blocked solar plexus would, therefore, result in health issues related to digestion or the GI tract – ex: stomach ulcers, diabetes, eating disorders, food allergies, gastric reflux, and gallbladder issues.

Assemblage Point Theory

Current scientific research, similar to ancient beliefs, supports the existence of a human energy field. In recent times, research efforts have provided evidence for assemblage point theory and its role in the regulation of health and wellbeing. The Assemblage point is a cluster of energy lines around the heart chakra. It is thought to be the location where our energy body intersects with our physical body.

“The Assemblage point is a cluster of energy lines around the heart chakra.”

Our quantum energy field and our physical body are in constant communication. Effective two-way information relay between the both is crucial to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The assemblage points can be seen as a vital bridge between the physical and the non-physical. It is directly connected to the life-force of the individual. The location, shape, and distribution of the assemblage point with respect to the physical body provide insights into this two-way communication or the lack of it.

The entry angle and shape of the assemblage point with respect to the physical body dictates the shape and distribution of the human energy field. Additionally, the shape and distribution of the assemblage point can give us insights into the state of our organ function, emotional and biological energy. 

Disease states often times have been found to alter the position of the assemblage point. A misaligned lowered location (almost close to the liver) and a descending entry angle is usually seen in patients with chronic fatigue, depression and neurological conditions such as dementia. The opposite is true in patients who exhibit hyperactivity, panic attacks, anxiety, and insomnia wherein the assemblage point is seen to be shifted above the heart chakra chest region to higher locations.

Despite therapies and medical intervention, individuals with a severe misaligned assemblage point have difficulty regaining their energy and vital force, primarily because their offset assemblage point continues to remain unaddressed. Assemblage point theory despite its immense healing potential is not taken into consideration by the present-day scientific community and the world of western medicine at large.

At Innovative Medicine, we believe and support the ancient theory that the energy body is an extension of our physical body. For complete healing to occur, the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of an individual is crucial. In this regard, we extensively employ energy medicine tools that help in regaining a balanced assemblage point and thereby establish holistic health.

One such tool is the Stellar Delux lamp which uses electronic gem therapy to shift a misaligned assemblage point and consequently brings about complete healing in the individual. 

Using Crystals as Energy Tools to Shift a Misaligned Assemblage Point

The piezoelectric property of crystals and gemstones refers to their ability to convert mechanical stress into electrical energy. This property is the underlying reason for their use in transmitting devices such as in the radio, television, and ultrasound-based medical equipment. Crystals, particularly quartz, are able to display such unique dielectric and piezoelectric properties because of their subatomic crystalline structure. Within the crystal, atoms are organized in a repeating manner. The surface, however, has three “orphan” valence electrons which when activated by electrical or mechanical stress, dissipates charge. This charge transmission is, therefore, a function of electrical asymmetry of the crystal structure.

Crystals, particularly quartz, are able to display such unique dielectric and piezoelectric properties because of their subatomic crystalline structure.

Crystals and gemstones dissipate their energy into their immediate environment. Using the human body as their immediate environment enables electrons within the living tissue to reach a state of resonance with the energy of the crystal. The type, size, color and subatomic composition of the gemstone dictates the frequency, intensity, and quality of energy induced into its adjacent environment. Also, the frequency and intensity of the transferred energy can be electronically increased and modulated with medically desirable electromagnetic frequencies

A descended or ascended assemblage point can be easily realigned near the heart chakra region using an activated quartz crystal. The assemblage point can be manipulated to a varied extent by tweaking the type of crystal and the input of electromagnetic frequency. To this effect, electronic gem therapy and the Stellar Delux lamp are highly instrumental in producing an output of different electromagnetic frequencies thereby allowing it to be used to heal a multitude of disease conditions.  

Jon Whale’s Stellar Delux instrument is used by the clinical team at NYCIM.

Electronic Gem Therapy (EGT)

Employing precious stones as color and light therapy for different organ ailments is based on the principle that light can reach cells and alter their function at a subatomic level. Electronic gem therapy uses the Stellar Delux transducer lamp to harness the healing power of gemstones and amplify their vibrational frequency.

Gemstones, when used one at a time as stand-alone tools for assemblage point manipulation, are limited in the amount of energy they can transfer to their immediate environment. The Stellar Delux transducer lamp designed and engineered by Jon Whale amplifies this energy transfer by activating the gemstone on two accounts by using:

  1. A combination of gemstones 
  2. Light therapy with different frequency inputs (different colored filters for different disease states)

The lamp consists of a chamber to hold a combination of gemstones. Shining light and pulsing energy at different frequency rates through these gemstones stimulate the inherent healing power of the stones.  This light induces healing and cellular regeneration at the targeted site upon contact with the body.

Light and Color Therapy for Disease-States

Color or Chromotherapy uses the visible spectrum of light to alter the physical, emotional and mental health of an individual. Color was first used nearly 2000 yrs ago in ancient India, Egypt, and Greece as a tool for healing. There is scientific evidence to prove that chromotherapy is an effective healing tool. Each color within the visual ROYGBIV spectrum is associated with a unique frequency and wavelength. These colors when selectively applied to impaired organ function or dysfunctional cellular processes, provide the necessary healing energy required by the body

Light and its visible spectrum enter the human body through our eyes and skin. Research has shown evidence for the ability of a single photon of light to trigger neuronal activity in the hypothalamus which regulates hormones and the autonomic nervous system, ultimately resulting in an altered emotional and psychological state. Additionally, our pineal gland and the melatonin released by it, function as our “light meter”. It is highly receptive to our quantum energy field and the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

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Furthermore, it is a well-established fact that the blue-green-violet range in the color spectrum produces a calming soothing effect on our emotional and physical health. Red and its associated colors of the visible ROYGBIV spectrum, on the other hand, provide a stimulating influence on our biological energy

The Stellar Delux transducer lamp, in addition to using gemstones for energy transmission, exploits the visible spectrum through different color filters and thereby achieves maximum healing of disease state.

The colors of the gemstones used are categorized as either “warm” or “cool” depending on the effect they generate and for the disease-states they are used for.  For instance, an overactive digestive system that shows symptoms such as reflux issues, inflammation, and gastritis can be treated by exposing the targeted abdominal region to a green transducer lamp with emerald and sapphire stones. These gems produce a calming frequency which cools down the overactive GI tract.

Similarly, blue sapphire calms down dysregulated hypertension and reduces heart rate and is, therefore, the gem of choice for anxiety and panic attacks.

A transducer with a combination of diamonds and carnelian is meant to have a warming effect. It stimulates a warm biological activity within cells and is used for depression, chronic fatigue, muscular atrophy, and cartilage related issues.  Light therapy has been shown to be particularly useful for cartilage repair. Warm, red light was seen to suppress iNOS (inducible Nitric Oxide synthase), an enzyme responsible for cartilage damage. Suppression of iNOS thereby led to reduced cartilage damage.

A transducer with a combination of diamonds and carnelian is meant to have a warming effect. It stimulates a warm biological activity within cells and is used for depression, chronic fatigue, muscular atrophy and cartilage related issues.

Since thoughts are also a form of vibrational energy, they too have the ability to be altered with electronic gem therapy. A purple/dark violet-colored lamp corresponding to the crown chakra is useful for cerebral and emotional troubles along with other mental health conditions.

The key objective while using this energy medicine is to utilize gemstones and crystals to rebalance the shifted assemblage point that is out of its original alignment due to the onset of disease.

Electronic gem therapy is extensively used at NYCIM to amplify the self-healing ability of our body to regain health and wellbeing. Holistic wellness includes an approach where the best interest of the mind, body, and spirit is taken care of. In this regard, energy medicine and the non-invasive minimal risk nature of EGT provide holistic healing of the human energy field and thereby that of the physical body as well.

Having learned about EGT and gemstones, what are your thoughts on utilizing them for healing purposes?

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