Tell-Tale Signs Your Body is in Need of a Detox & What You Can Do About It

“Detox your body” is probably a familiar phrase to you. But maybe you aren’t sure how to detox your liver or how to rid your body of toxins.

Today, multiple detox drinks for weight loss, total body cleanse, and liver detox supplements are being marketed. To add to this mayhem, the 69.85 billion dollar detox industry is filled with myths and misconceptions galore.

Perhaps this information overload has left you confused, wanting to run away at the mere mention of the word “detox”? Also, how do you even know you need one?

If this is you, look no further! Scroll down to learn the 7 tell-tale signs that it’s time for a detox.

But first…

How Does Your Body Detox?

Our body is bombarded with toxins daily. These toxins are everywhere, from the processed food that we consume to household supplies, dental offices, artificial frequencies, and even negative emotions.

But there’s good news. 

The human body is equipped with inherent mechanisms for toxin elimination. Together, the lungs, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin, and colon work tirelessly to rid the body of toxic build-up. For further detox 101 information, read our recent article “Complete-Guide-to-Detoxification”.

Toxic Burden: What Exactly is Happening?

When toxin buildup exceeds the elimination rate, it points to an overwhelmed elimination system. Thereafter, chronic toxic overload manifests as a myriad of symptoms and sets the stage for all diseases.

Sadly, the root cause of these symptoms is often misunderstood. Even worse, when misdiagnosed, the patient is perplexed about what is wrong with their health.

Identifying the root cause is the first step to reclaiming your health. Here, we discuss how the symptoms you are experiencing could be your body’s way of communicating that it’s time for a detox.

Diet Detox

Top 7 Signs You Need to Detox Your Body

1. You Are Chronically Fatigued

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is an inconspicuous condition for which a root cause remains to be established, at least by conventional measures. According to Ayurvedic principles, accumulated toxins in the mind-body-soul hinder the flow of vital life force (Prana) which manifests as chronic fatigue. In line with this ancient theory, research now shows evidence of a correlation between the onset of CFS and environmental toxin exposure.

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2. When Brain Fog Takes Over

If you are experiencing brain fog, mood swings, can’t focus, and/or have bouts of depression, anxiety, know that there could be more than meets the eye. Per TCM, the spleen is the organ related to mental clarity and brain health. Physiologically, we know of it today as a blood purification center. Its toxic burden is closely linked to brain fog. A holistic detoxification protocol should therefore support the elimination of spleen toxins and simultaneously promote mental focus. Innovative Medicine’s approach to detoxification is aimed at supporting the health and proper functions of the body’s major organs of elimination. 

Detox Fatigue Coffee Stress

In addition to this,  Nadovim, an NAD+ supplement has proven to be instrumental in promoting brain health.

3. Your Gut is Constantly Acting Up

Do you ever feel that, no matter what you eat, your gut never seems to cooperate with you? Have Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, and/or diarrhea become an uninvited visitor(s) to your everyday?

Enormous research conducted on the gut microbiome provides evidence for the absence of good gut bacteria and its role in a weakened immune system, mood fluctuations, and overall poor absorption.

Environmental toxins and chemicals in processed foods have been shown to severely impact the health of these gut bugs. The colon has an integral role to play in toxin elimination. Not surprisingly then, if the colon does not flush out toxins, these circulating toxins result in overall poor gut health which further impairs colonic activity and converts into a vicious negative feedback loop.

4. You Experience Skin Issues

Is your acne flaring up? It’s probably because your skin is the largest organ of elimination and anything amiss is a reflection of how effectively your skin is able to detoxify. Is the skin able to effectively eliminate toxins from chemical filled cosmetics and skin care products? Is dirt, grime, and pollution that the skin is constantly exposed to being detoxified? These are some important questions that’ll help us understand the need for starting a detoxification protocol.

5. Prone to Allergies

You have a sinus situation but it’s not even allergy season yet. Then begins the throbbing headache, puffy eyes, and stuffy nose. Somehow this time, Zyrtec doesn’t help. And you don’t know what is happening! Raise your hand if this is you.

Repeated seasonal allergies point to a weakened immune system. More importantly, it’s a sign of a sluggish liver. Histamine is responsible for inducing the immune reaction we see as seasonal allergies. Interestingly, per recent research, the liver was found to play a vital role in processing (methylation) excess circulating histamine. 

Detox allergies liver cleanse

A sluggish liver could mean ineffective histamine elimination which leads to excessive levels in circulation and thereby repeated onset of an allergic immune reaction.

A sluggish liver could mean ineffective histamine elimination which leads to excessive levels in circulation and thereby repeated onset of an allergic immune reaction.

Clean out your liver, detox your body and say goodbye to repeated seasonal allergies.

6. Your Sleep-wake Cycle is Out of Whack

Did you know? Every organ has a rhythm and internal clock of its own. Per TCM and the meridian clock, your liver peaks in its function between 1 am to 3 am. If your sleep-wake cycle is disrupted and try as you may, you aren’t able to establish a sleep pattern, it could be that your liver is literally giving you a wake-up call that it’s time to detox your body.

7. Hormonal Imbalance and Weight Gain

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the foods we eat and environmental toxins have been reported to negatively impact hormonal and endocrine health. Unexpected weight gain and obesity are seen to be closely correlated to toxic overload and overburdened elimination organs.

How to Detox Your Body? 

You should now be convinced that it might be time for a detox. And so, you may start wondering these common questions: 

  • “How to detox your body naturally?”
  • “What about liver cleanse side effects?”
  • “Is there a homemade liver cleanse available?”
  • “How to detox your liver at home?”

These questions are all justified. And yes there are natural, easy ways to start a basic at-home detox. But the many myths and misconceptions surrounding detox for weight loss quick and easy one week cleanses need to first be addressed.

We ask that you read Innovative Medicine’s recent article on “Top 5 Things You Need To Know Before Taking Up A Detox”

Your Body is Sending You Messages – Are You Listening? 

Disease symptoms are shunned, suppressed, bypassed, misdiagnosed, and so much more. But most of all, symptoms are feared by the person experiencing them.

But can we look at them through a different lens? What if, in truth, symptoms are how your body is communicating with you? What if they are simply a call to action? 

Symptoms really are a gift that helps us stay on track so we can optimize our health.

Today, we’ve shown you 7 ways by which your body is asking you to start detoxing. At NYCIM, we utilize highly personalized protocols and multiple therapies in place that help you detox your body. Subscribe to our mailing list to keep informed and keep learning.

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