The Best Papaya Supplement for Raising Platelet Levels Before PRP Therapy?

PRP therapy, also called platelet-rich plasma therapy, involves first drawing a sample of your blood. The second step is separating the plasma portion of your blood from the rest of it. Lastly, this plasma is injected back into your body or body part. If you’re scared of needles, this type of therapy might sound slightly nerve-racking. Yet, new research continues to show the incredible benefits of PRP therapy.

How does PRP therapy work? Plasma makes up about 50% of your blood. It’s the liquid portion containing proteins and other special cells that help your body clot and heal. By injecting PRP into areas of the body, research has shown that it may:

– help promote hair growth

– treat tendon injuries

– treat acute sports injuries

– aid in post-surgical repair

– and help decrease the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

All in all, this type of therapy helps the body heal by stimulating the body’s innate repair mechanisms.

PRP Therapy Papaya Supplement

Given that PRP therapy requires an adequate amount of platelets, raising one’s platelet count before PRP therapy may be necessary. For instance, a low platelet count may be caused by certain medications, cancer, kidney disease, pregnancy, and more. And if you don’t have enough platelets in your plasma, you may not experience the full effects related to PRP therapy.

Surprisingly, simple and all-natural papaya supplements can help increase platelet levels. In this article, we’ll dive into how these supplements might help and what products we recommend.

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Papaya Supplements & Your Platelet Levels

Papaya Supplements & Your Platelet Levels

Generally, medical experts that perform PRP therapy do a screening beforehand. This ensures your platelet level is adequate and makes sense for this type of treatment. If it isn’t, they will often recommend ways to increase your platelet count. However, sometimes these recommendations involve medications and other drugs (depending on the cause of your low platelet levels).

These drugs can have negative side effects. If you’re getting PRP therapy, you likely are trying to optimize your health and well-being. Yet, taking these medications can offer a setback. Thus, many consumers are turning to more all-natural methods to raise their platelet count and prepare for PRP therapy.

Generally, you want a platelet count between 150,000 and 400,000 per mcL. Anything lower and PRP therapy simply won’t work as expected, or in some instances, it might not work at all.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

How Papaya Supplements Help Increase Platelet Levels

Papaya leaf extract has certain chemicals that contribute to an increased platelet count. While the mechanism detailing how this works needs more research, there’s various evidence showing the benefits of papaya.

In fact, a 2013 study gave participants papaya leaf extract. Researchers found a significant increase in platelet levels and red blood cell levels – even within 24 hours after taking the papaya leaf extract.

Further, papaya supplements do this without any ill effects or toxicity problems. In fact, WebMD states that nausea and vomiting occur rarely when taking a papaya supplement. Other than that, there aren’t many known side effects.

So, what papaya supplement do we recommend? Keep reading to find out.

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Our Recommendation

Papaya Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract by HawaiiPharm

Why We Recommend It

The Papaya Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract by HawaiiPharm contains solely natural ingredients, including certified organic papaya, vegetable palm glycerin, and crystal clear artesian Hawaiian water.

As the title states, it’s also alcohol-free, as well as gluten-free and non-GMO. This brand also goes to great lengths to ensure their extraction method is specifically based on the characteristics of the papaya plant.

Many consumers report that this product has significantly helped increase their platelet levels. The all-natural ingredients also ensure that there is a low risk of negative side effects.

Furthermore, this product aligns with the Innovative Medicine philosophy that healing in the body tends to happen better when we help support it to do its job properly, as opposed to forcing unnatural substances upon it. And this is exactly what PRP therapy does, as well as papaya supplementation before this treatment takes place.

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Who Should Use It?

Generally, anyone can use this product. However, reviewers report a high level of satisfaction when it comes to increasing platelet levels in those with cancer. During cancer treatment, specifically chemo, a low platelet count is a common problem.

By actively taking steps to prevent this from happening, such as taking a papaya supplement, your body is better equipped to heal. Yet again, this product is really beneficial for almost anyone that is striving to increase their platelet count. 

In fact, increasing your platelet count may benefit your overall health by helping to improve blood clotting and potentially improving the immune response. On the other hand, too many platelets may cause an abnormal amount of blood clots, which may lead to unwanted health conditions and risks.

However, we should note that before you take any new supplement, it’s a good idea to discuss this with your family doctor. They know you and your health best and can help you make an informed decision suited to you and your life.

What Everyone’s Saying About It

“I took this product because I understood that it could help raise my platelets. My platelets had been 85-95 for the past year, and getting tested every few months (150-400 is the normal range where it should be). After 30 days of being on this, my platelets went up to 105. The highest it has been in a year. This is my second bottle. Update: After 30 more days and my second bottle my platelets went up to 127. Another update: After I stopped taking it for 3-4 weeks my platelets went back down to 104. This is a good quality product.” – Stanley Thompson, United States

“The bruising issues that I have been experiencing are definitely improving. I sustained a bruise the other day but my skin showed a very small bruise, previously experienced horrible discoloration. My bruises seem to be healing quicker also. The taste of the extract is very good, no need to add it into juice.” – LJD, United States

Want More?

The Papaya Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract by HawaiiPharm is available on Amazon for a reasonable price. If you’re getting ready for PRP therapy or want to improve your platelet count, you can purchase it here.

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