The Biological Score

Practitioners often find it hard to measure the toxic burden within a patient. Toxins that enter the body may be stored in numerous areas – the blood, adipose tissue, connective tissue, muscle, bone, brain tissue, and numerous other organs. Finding a suitable determinant and scale for evaluating the true toxic burden of any patient is essential in not only evaluating a patients state of health, but also understanding if a particular treatment is suppressive or successful.

The Biological Score (sometimes referred to as biological index) was created as a way to determine the toxic load of a body. Designed by Dr. Helmut Schimmel, M.D., the system evaluates a patient’s response to a series of 21 ampules – thus a scale of 1-21. Each ampule represents the level of stress in the mesenchyme of the body. As the body heals itself and toxic load goes down, the biological score will go down. But to understand the great importance of such a scale, we must first understand the mesenchyme and its role in the body.

About Dr. Schimmel

Renowned German physician, Dr. Helmut Schimmel, M.D., is the creator of the VEGA system. This system, designed off the work of Dr. Reinhardt Voll, M.D., is based on the effect of electrical resistance changes of the skin on certain acupuncture points (low electrical resistance areas) in response to differing substances that are either beneficial or detrimental to the body. This is also very similar to other methods such as applied kinesiology or Bioresonance Analysis of Health.

Dr. Shimmel is also the author of Functional Medicine: The Origin and Treatment of Chronic Diseases (Vol 1). This piece of literature is highly regarded in the biological medicine field.

What is the Mesenchyme?

To properly understand what the mesenchyme is, lets picture a brick building. Now you may notice that this building is held up by all these bricks, but if you look closer you will realize that between all these bricks is mortar. Just like bricks have mortar, our cells have the mesenchyme. Also called interstitial tissue, the mesenchyme is undifferentiated connective tissue that houses the lymphatic system, blood vessels, and nerve endings among other things. It is also the gate-keeper of nutrient and waste exchange for cells. If our cells are the homes in which ATP production and vast other processes are performed, the mesenchyme is the drive-way in which the essential pieces are brought in and waste eliminated.

But if we allow garbage to collect in the drive-way, it becomes more and more difficult to both bring things in and out of the home. With the mesenchyme, as toxicity builds (as it is often prone to store in connective tissue), the mesenchye becomes blocked and transfer of vital elements (such as oxygen and carbon dioxide in respiratory function) becomes difficult. When the mesenchyme is highly toxic, a number of health problems can occur, which is why understanding and measuring toxicity in the mesenchyme is so important.

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Importance of the Biological Score

As just mentioned, the importance of a healthy and unburdened mesenchyme is of vital importance. Thus, evaluating a patient based on their biological score is a very beneficial diagnostic tool. By evaluating the patient and biological score at the beginning of any program of treatment, a practitioner then has a valuable and measurable standard to analyze the success of treatment at any point. A practitioner should always be looking for a decrease in the biological score as a sign of positive therapeutic results. In addition, a patient with a very high biological score may not be suitable for certain more aggressive treatments. A gentle detoxification period may be more suitable for the first few weeks until the biological score is reduced, and then the body will be able to better respond to further necessary treatment methods.

Example of Biological Score in Clinical Use

Case: A 7-year-old boy diagnosed with Autism spectrum was brought into a medical office seeking an alternative method of treatment. After proper evaluation by the physician, the child had a biological score of 16 on the scale of 1-21. This very high level of toxicity was determined to be due to immunization toxins and heavy metal toxicity. In addition, a viral infection (HHV-6) was present and the boy also had multiple skin problems.

Because the biological score was used to determine such a high level of toxicity, the physician first placed the child on a 4-week oral detoxification and drainage program via spagyric medicine. After the 4 weeks, the child was again tested and his biological score was now at a 10. At this time, the physician administered additional therapy with IV chelation and IV lipids and saw excellent results following this treatment. Had the practitioner not known the biological score and began with an intensive IV treatment, the patient’s symptoms may have exacerbated and the push of additional toxins in an already very toxic body may have been detrimental to the treatment. But because the biological score was used, the practitioner could then make a more suitable choice for the program of treatment that resulted in shorter duration of treatment, and successful resolution of symptoms.

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