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Innovative Medicine’s co-founder, Caspar Szulc, recently sat down with Ari Meisel on his ‘Less Doing’ podcast to discuss the future of integrative medicine.

Ari Meisel, an entrepreneur, author, CEO, and productivity expert, created the ‘Less Doing More Living’ concept after his own health deteriorated due to Crohn’s Disease. Hospitalized, Ari was limited at points to working only about 1 hour – if that – per day. From his own experience, the company, Get Leverage, was built. It was based on the idea of reducing one’s workload by simply delegating tasks through communication apps. Consequently, it would reduce stressors and give people more time to focus on their health or their life – hence, the ‘more living’ concept.

Innovative Medicine and Ari Meisel’s philosophies go hand-in-hand. At Innovative Medicine, our team is dedicated to cutting-edge ideas and concepts in relation to improving individual health. The emphasis is on integrated medicine. This design uses both conventional and alternative medicine practices, combining all the options available, then selecting the best ones for the patient with the least side effects.

The foundation of Innovative Medicine began back in the 80s. Caspar Szulc used to travel around the world with his father, a physician who was set on finding a better way to treat his patients. The problem with conventional medicine was often that a patient’s ailments would be solved – but only briefly. They would soon return with similar problems – a frustrating dilemma.

Conventional medicine was missing crucial pieces contributing to pain and disease. The emotional and mental aspects frequently went unaddressed.

In the podcast, Caspar and Ari discuss the missing pieces and how Innovative Medicine is filling that gap. Caspar further offers a look into Innovative Medicine’s first product, Nadovim, and how it helps maximize your brain’s potential. In recent studies, the product has shown substantial promise in Alzheimer and Parkinson’s Disease patients.

If you’re curious where Innovative Medicine started or what it’s all about, give the podcast a listen! You’ll also hear advice from our co-founder, Caspar Szulc, on what he believes are the top 3 things people can do to be more efficient. Click the link below for the full version.

Less Doing Podcast – Episode 343 Synopsis

When it comes to medicine, everyone is always looking for the next big innovation. A front-runner in cutting-edge medical and healing practices, Caspar Szulc, co-founder of Innovative Medicine, delivers just that with his latest product, Nadovim.

Founded in 2004, Innovative Medicine is revolutionizing the medical industry with its personalized and integrated approach to healing. Caspar shares about the inspiration behind his efforts, and his approach to integrating medicine and healing practices across the East-West divide. He also gives us the inside scoop about his latest product, Nadovim, a nootropic aimed at improving brain function, that has shown some very promising results in recent research. Tune in to find out more about Innovative Medicine, the integrated approach, and Nadovim.

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Key Takeaways:

[:26] Ari introduces his guest for this episode — Caspar Szulc.

[:46] How did Innovative Medicine start?

[2:34] Caspar shares more about his father’s drive to be cutting-edge in medicine, even in the ’80s.

[3:25] Ari and Caspar discuss how “integrated medicine” isn’t really integrated, in most cases — there’s usually a divide between Western and Eastern medicine and practices.

[5:21] What are some of the more innovative things that Caspar has encountered that he has since integrated into the work that he does?

[7:30] What are some things that Caspar has taken from his study of alternative therapies that he now applies to his daily practice?

[10:53] What prompted Caspar to create Nadovim, and have it be a nootropic?

[14:37] Cat’s claw is one of the elements in Nadovim. What made Caspar choose this as an ingredient?

[17:35] Caspar highlights some of the clinical research done around this product, and doctor-patient experiences as a result of using Nadovim.

[19:49] What are Caspar’s recommendations for taking Nadovim?

[21:52] What does Innovative Medicine look like as a company? What are its next steps?

[26:14] What are Caspar’s top three pieces of advice for people to be more effective?

[31:15] Find out more about Caspar’s work with Innovative Medicine and Nadovim at his websites.

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