The Innovative Medicine Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us, which means a whirlwind of storefront and online shopping. Unfortunately, giving a great gift is often an elusive feat, doubled by limited creative gift ideas. Instead of scrolling down google for something unique, or picking up the same fruit cake year after year, switch to a more innovative mindset and consider some of our top picks on our shopping list. Give a gift that inspires love, energy, and tinge of personality – there’s certainly something for everyone.


Listen to the Co-Founder, Anjanette Sinesio talk about the health benefits of using Gem-Water and crystals on our ‘Your Health. Your Story.’ podcast. These beautiful gems do more than adorne your water, they revitalize it and change it’s properties. From crystal reusable straws to beautiful decanter sets, there are several options for all types of people on your holiday gift list (even pets). Give a gift that inspires and select from various messages of love, courage, and energy.

Price: From $40 to $300+
Deal: Save 25% with code CYBER25 from Nov. 28 to Dec. 2, 2019
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Now featuring our greatest sale yet! Give the gift of a stronger, more focused mind with Nadovim. From mothers and fathers seeking a boost in memory to the over-achiever and top-performer in your life that requires focus and concentration throughout the day, this is a gift that keeps on giving. Today, tomorrow, and every day after.

Price: Normally $80 for a monthly subscription, $89 for a one-time purchase
Deal: Save 30% for life on a monthly subscription with code CMWEEK (that’s $56/bottle) from Nov. 30 – Dec. 6, 2019
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Tilys Cell Phone Protection

This stocking stuffer is a truly unique one. Almost everyone owns a cell phone, but are they effectively protecting themselves from the radiation that each phone emits? Dr. Mindy Beck, one of the founders of Tilys Biotech, explained why this gift is a necessity and how it works on episode 3 of the “Your Health. Your Story.” podcast.

Price: $75
Deal: Purchase before Dec. 12, 2019 and receive a 5G cell phone adapter upgrade free as soon as they arrive in stock.
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“EMF’s produced by all our electronic devices, they are frequencies that are two-dimensional and they don’t spin, and everything in nature spins these spinning frequencies or the spin itself is what allows systems to communicate properly without doing damage.”

Dr. Mindy Beck

The System by Stacy Protein Shakes

As featured on our podcast – if you’re looking for a line of protein powders without all the toxic ingredients, consider The System by Stacy. The System offers a luxury line of organic whey protein powders that can be enjoyed at home or on the go. They also offer 2-week and 4-week weight loss plans.

Price: From $77 to $498
Deal: 20% discount using promo code SXS2019
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RMS Beauty

“Uncover” your best skin through this natural line of cosmetics. RMS beauty was created for the gentlest solutions to cosmetics, offering a wide variety of foundations, lipsticks, and everything else. Choose a gift for each person in your life and know you’re gifting cleaner ingredients and safer solutions to their daily makeup routine.

Price: Gift Sets from $35 to $120
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Meditation EEG Device – Muse

The latest technology in meditation, the Muse wearable device rests on your head just like a pair of glasses and can help you switch to a more focused state of mind. You can choose from over 300 unique meditation sessions and have more control over your relaxation. Linked to your phone, review your session data and improve your sense of calm each day.

Price: $344.98
Deal: Save $100 (expiration unknown)
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Taking recovery to the next level. The Theragun offers instant relief to your muscles and a real chance to bring home a professional masseuse in the comfort of your home once and for all. Experience the relief you’ve been looking for.

Price: $249 to $599
Deal: Save up to $200 (expiration unknown)
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Weighted Blanket

With deep pressure for a deeper sleep, weighted blankets offer you a “slow and gentle” touch that can stimulate the brain’s network for processing anxiety, fear and emotion, right in your bed.

Price: $249 to $279
Deal: Save up 30% with free shipping and extended holiday returns.
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The blankets are supposed to work much the same way tight swaddling helps newborns feel snug and secure so they can doze off more quickly. The blanket basically simulates a comforting hug, in theory helping to calm and settle the nervous system.

Harvard Health Publishing
“Anxiety and stress weighing heavily at night? A new blanket might help”

Phyto5 or AnteAge MD Skin Essentials

This winter, help rehydrate your loved ones and nurture their skin by enhancing their relationship with the element Water. These lines of skincare are sure to show the people you care about just how good self-care can feel.

Price: From $30 and up

Water Line for Winter
Water Line Bath Salt Scrub
AnteAgeMD Holiday Set

Eco Friendly Yoga Mats

By redirecting your energy back through your flow, a good yoga mat is an essential for any beginner to advanced yogi. Start or continue your journey with an environmentally friendly one made from a variety of natural fibers.

Price: $29 to $149
Deal: Save up to 40% off the best yoga mat and yoga accessories. Free Shipping on all USA orders $60+.
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Safe Ceramic Cooking Dishes

What better gift to give the chef in your family than with the quality of Le Creuset, known for their incredible line of cast-iron and ceramic cookware. Why? Non-stick coatings which are made of harmful chemicals and not expect it to leach into your food and impact your health. These dishes stand the test of time and get better with age.

Price: varying
Deal: Save up to 75% Off Select Items (limited time). Free Shipping on Orders Over $59!
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Safe “To-Go” Meal Containers

Preparing meals at home with the right containers can save you more than just your waistline – they can help you reduce your environmental impact and limit the toxins that enter your body. Check out our top pick for truly safe and microwavable dishware you can use at home or at the office.

Price: $25 – $65
Deal: Get $25 back when you spend $125 or more in the shop!
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Specialty Honey

Honey has natural antimicrobial properties and can better prepare you for seasonal allergies. If you’re looking for a sweet stocking stuffer, local honey straight from the beautiful Appalachian Mountains region of Asheville, North Carolina might do just the trick.

Price: Gift Sets from $20 – $58
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Indoor Plants – Potted and Delivered to Your Door

Keeping indoor plants can improve air quality by purifying many of the toxins in your air – not to mention make a great housewarming gift for the holidays. Give a unique gift that will last for years to come, and warm up someone’s space with The Sill’s potted plants delivered straight to your door.

We suggest the Calathea Rattlesnake, Maranta, Philodendron Green, Norfolk Island Pine, or the ZZ Plant.

Price: varying
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At Innovative Medicine, we’re constantly on a learning journey. For the book lover in your life, consider a few of the titles we recommend most:

The Dharma Method: 7 Daily Steps to Spiritual Advancement

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables

The holidays may feel like added pressure to come up with the perfect gift idea for each person in your life, but ultimately the act of giving is behind every purchase – so whether your gift shoots for stars or hovers a little closer to home, it’s the thought that matters. Have a safe holiday shopping this season!

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