The Role of Energy in Nature and Our Body

The matrix or the blueprint of our body and all life is energy made from waves.

All naturally occurring waves in nature have a vortex (three-dimensional) shape. These waves, including sunlight, cosmic radiation, magnetic fields, gravitational fields and others, provide information to the body.

The water content within the body serves as a recording mechanism and carrier of information. This is the same principle used in videotape, the hard drive of a computer, or any other magnetic media. The information received by the body from natural waves serves to regulate the body’s biorhythms, organ functions and glandular functions. These waves also modulate the DNA. Without this information, the glands and the organs could not function, nor communicate with each other properly, and the body would not adapt to its environment. This is the reason why people feel better in natural environments.

All man-made waves, including electromagnetic fields, radio, TV, microwave towers, cell phones, and many others are made from bi-dimensional sinus waves. When these waves mix with natural waves, they alter the natural waves and therefore change the original information. As a result, the body receives misinformation, and the normal function of DNA, organs and glands is disturbed. This misinformation contributes to illness, disease, premature aging, and emotional and mental stress. Because of the increased use of cell phone towers and WiFi technologies, the concentration of artificial waves in the environment has increased 200-fold in the last ten years.

Electromagnetic pollution, like any other pollution such as chemicals and heavy metals, can have cumulative effects which might not manifest for years. Electromagnetic pollution eventually will cause or contribute to poor health and premature aging.

Masaru Emoto’s reach on water crystallization demonstrates, visually, the effect of pollution on water. From his research, you can see how chemical pollution, Electromagnetic Field (EMF) pollution, negative thoughts, and even negative words written on a bottle will change ice crystals of water from beautiful snowflake-like symmetry to a disorganized and disfigured crystallization. For example, when the name “Mother Teresa” is written on a bottle of water prior to freezing it, the crystallization is symmetrical and beautiful. When “Adolph Hitler” is written, the crystallization is asymmetrical and disorganized. (Visit and for galleries of examples.)

View Video: Masaru Emoto – Water is Life >>
Masaru Emoto’s extraordinary work with water crystals, thought, and information.

The book The Hidden Messages in Water by Emoto offers many telling demonstrations of the effect of EMF on water. When ice crystals are photographed before exposure to cell phones, computers, and television, the water is symmetric and beautiful. After exposure to these devices, the crystals have an ugly pattern, which may remind you of an evil eye looking at you. Is this a coincidence, or not? This pattern is similar to the crystallization pattern after the word “Satan” was written on the bottle in Japanese.

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EMF Pollution and Health

Artificial man-made waves give the body information that is not compatible with proper body function. Many holistic practitioners use electromagnetic devices and magnets for healing. While they do get improvement in symptoms, they do so by suppression and giving the body misinformation. In the long run it will weaken the body and contribute to poor health. This is similar to chemical drugs which suppress symptoms.

However, in the long run, all medications will weaken our health. Only when the body heals itself naturally is the healing optimal, without creating long-term suppression and weakness in the body. Natural healing always results in better long-term health. Artificial healing, such as with chemically toxic drugs, electromagnetic devices and magnets create improvement by suppression. This type of healing will eventually reduce the well-being of the body.

Many people are in danger of EMF pollution. For example, people who work in fron of computer monitors every day for years are expose to intense electromagnetic pollution and oftern suffer severe health problems. People who live under high power lines for long periods of time may have higher incidence of cancer and health problems. People who use cell phones have an increased risk of health problems related to the brain.

Healthy Solutions are Available

There are devices (Biosyntonie) which use resonance phenomena of natural physics that create natural waves when they are exposed to artificial waves as well as natural waves in the environment. The natural waves generated by the resonance restore natural energetic information to the body and can improve one’s well-being and mitigate the harmful effect of artificial waves.

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