The Safest Deodorants on the Market: A Clinical Product Review


Healthy Skin, Healthy Body

Mainstream media has mapped out the quest for living a health-conscious lifestyle and it is all around us — from social media to the magazine racks at the grocery store. We buy watches that detect our every move, attempt to disguise the taste of kale with just about anything and take the stairs because we know it is good for our hearts. But what about our skin? This complex organ plays a fundamental role in our immune defense, temperature regulation, blood pressure, microbiome, and basically…holds everything together.

Despite its complex and vital role in our health, we often forget about it when making necessary changes in an effort to live a healthier lifestyle; specifically when choosing the best deodorant. Hygiene is not only important for our own sake but for those around us too. To keep you living in optimal health, Innovative Medicine has researched and listed our top picks for the best non-toxic all-natural deodorants.

What is All the Stink About? 

Let’s face it, pungent body odor is hardly a comfortable conversation starter. And for people who perspire more than others — it is constantly on their minds. Body odor from sweating can change with diet, hormones, stress, and environmental factors. 

There are two types of sweat glands in our armpits, apocrine glands, typically associated with hair follicles and eccrine glands that open up to the surface of the skin. Sweat glands rest coiled in the dermis and sweat pushes out of the ducts to the tissue’s surface when our bodies signal the need for temperature regulation, physical exertion, and nervousness.

The niche of bacteria naturally occurring in our armpits decompose sweat, causing the unpleasant odor. While the most common groups of bacteria taking advantage of this ideal environment is Staphylococcus and Corynebacterium — Corynebacterium being the stinky culprit whose waste bi-product called thioalcohol permeates our noses.

Antiperspirants were designed to block sweat using chemical compounds like aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate, and aluminum zirconium tricholorohydrex glycine. The aluminum ions work with water molecules to compress the eccrine-gland ducts so sweat cannot get out.

Deodorants simply work to cover the odor of sweat using fragrances or antibacterial agents. And as cancer increases in humans, cancer-causing chemical compounds are being researched more thoroughly. Some researchers suggest that a topical application of aluminum can be toxic to our bodies and possibly responsible for diseases like Alzheimer’s and breast cancer.

The Banned Chemical Still in Use

Another compound raising controversy is Triclosan [TCS, 5-chloro-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy) phenol], an antimicrobial agent found in nearly 700 antibacterial products and post-consumer products. Some studies suggest that Triclosan disrupts endocrine signaling pathways and could increase cancer and thyroid disease risks. In fact, Triclosan is so controversial that in 2016 the FDA banned it from being used in antibacterial soaps and other cosmetics.

Finally, many cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and foods use parabens as preservatives. Some researchers hypothesize that parabens in high exposure are said to be estrogenic and can have endocrine-disrupting effects, especially on reproductive health. One study found parabens in human breast tumors raising further questions about paraben toxicity.

While these studies support further research and supportive data on absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination, there is still enough evidence suggesting that the chemical compounds are simply not good for our bodies. So how do we eliminate the stink?

Safe Deodorant Alternatives 

Innovative Medicine's Safest Deodorant - A Clinical Review

The creators of these products understand that the importance of health is more than internal—it is skin-deep too. Like everything else, some are better than others, so IM took the time to research for you.

Our Top 7 Picks for the Safest, All-Natural Deodorants

American Provenance Natural Women’s Deodorant

Provenance Natural Deodorant

Average Cost: $8.99 per 2.75 oz

American Provenance Natural Women’s Deodorant contains natural coriander, mandarin, and tangerine essential oils. It is aluminum-free with a refreshing scent. No metals, petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, artificial ingredients, or colors. 

Rob from the US writes “This is the only natural stuff that works for me! I started using my husband’s stick, then ordered my own because I was so impressed, I love it!”

Nubian Heritage/Indian Hemp and Haitian Deodorant, Vetiver with Neem Oil

Safest Deodorant Neem

Average Cost: $7.80 per 2.25 oz

Nubian Heritage uses propanediol, an ingredient derived from corn and organic Shea butter to effectively control odor and the calming scent of Vetiver with the smoothing hydration of neem oil for a soft touch.

Ms. Remi from the U.S wrote “We decided to give Nubian Heritage a shot after deciding we should try an all-natural option. This is by far the best deodorant purchase we’ve ever made!”

Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

Ursa Major Safest Deodorants

Average Cost: $18.00 per 2.6 oz

Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant is aluminum-free and non-toxic. With odor-fighting hops, moisture-absorbing kaolin clay, and aloe vera, this deodorant has the cool, refreshing scent of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils.

Cara from the U.S said, “I have been using this one for nearly a week in the humid summer heat and I love it!”

Brittanie’s Thyme Organic Charcoal Deodorant

Brittanies Organic Deodorant

Average Cost: $10.25 per 2.5 oz

Brittanie’s Thyme is a USDA Certified Organic and non-comedogenic deodorant that uses arrowroot to absorb odors and Bergamot for a refreshing scent. 

LD Mullins from the U.S wrote “Bought this for my husband. I wanted him to get away from aluminum-containing deodorants… He loved this product and says it works equally as well as his old deodorant.


Weleda Wild Rose 24h Deodorant Spray

Weleda Natural Deodorant

Average Cost: $14.90 per 3.4 oz

Weleda’s Wild Rose is a fresh and rosy spritz deodorant free from antiperspirants, aluminum salts, preservatives, and other synthetic ingredients. It is designed to maintain the skin’s natural detoxification process. 

Gurenda from the United Kingdom wrote “Have been using this for a long time after reading reviews about aluminum in most deodorants not being a good idea. The main thing is that it is effective, it works.”


Weleda Sage 12h Deodorant Spray

Weleda 12h Natural Deodorant

Average Cost: $14.00 per 3.4 oz

Weleda’s Sage 12h deodorant spray uses sage, rosemary, and lavender essential oils to maintain the skin’s natural detoxification process. It is free from synthetic ingredients, antiperspirants, or aluminum salts.

Noelle from the U.S  said “Allergic to everything but this… No breakouts of itching, clean-smelling all day, tested in high humidity and heat on 12-hour hike, no stink.”


BONUS  Dr. Hauschka Rose Deodorant

Dr.Hauschka Natural and Safe Deodorant

Average Cost: $ 16.77 per 1.7 oz

Dr. Hauschka’s Rose deodorant uses alchemilla essence to help regulate perspiration with the delicate fragrance of rosewater. It is also free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, mineral oils, parabens, and silicones. 

Chel Mare from the U.S said “Dr. Hauschka deodorant is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. The scent is light and fresh and never overpowering.”

Safe Deodorants Should be No Sweat

Innovative Medicine understands how difficult (not to mention expensive) it can be to research new products. Our full-body, mind, and spiritual approach to wellness drives our search for effective and high-quality therapies, treatments, and products. We test first and then narrow down exceptional products for your personal journey. IM’s global and holistic view of human health considers all aspects of the internal and external environments surrounding our bodies — including the safest deodorants. 

Hopefully, our top picks guide you to find a deodorant that works best with your individual chemistry. This process can take some time, as it is not a one-size-fits-all approach to hygiene. Be patient, it is worth the diligence to feel, think, look…and smell your best.

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