The Somavedic EMF Device: A Product Review

Technology: The Good and the Bad 

In the past few decades, we’ve seen technology intertwine more and more with our everyday lives. It’s rare for a household to lack wifi connectivity and even more rare for a person to not own or use a cellphone. In fact, out of the 7 billion people worldwide, there are 5.22 mobile phone users – and this number continues to grow each day.

Undeniably, technology has made our lives easier, but at what cost? Is there a downside? And is there anything you should be doing about it?

Many innovators are way ahead of these questions. In fact, the Somavedic EMF device addresses the negative effects of EMF and wifi frequencies, as well as issues with water and free radicals. It combats the invisible threats to your health on various levels. 

The Invisible Threats to Your Health

EMF, electro-magnetic frequencies, are invisible energy rays. Also referred to as radiation, EMFs have become more and more prominent in our daily life due to the integration of technology. These technological devices, like your laptop and cellphone, emit these frequencies, which can have health consequences.

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that EMF may be carcinogenic. One 2010 study also loosely linked high cellphone use to glioma, a cancer that impacts the spinal cord and brain. While more research needs to be done, there are early indicators showing that EMF may be harmful to your health in the long-term.

In fact, this story has various parallels with the tobacco industry. With tobacco and cigarettes, it took people 40 years to realize the threats it had on their well-being and to make changes accordingly. 

Yet, EMF isn’t the only invisible threat to your health. 

Wifi frequencies, the water you drink, and free radicals also have different vibrations and frequencies that may disrupt the natural vibrations and frequencies within the human body. And with many people spending about 90% of their time indoors, most people bath in these unnatural frequencies 24-7.

These drops in our health bucket accumulate. One drop here or there isn’t harmful. Yet, a bucket of drops will have health consequences down the road. So, how do we solve this?

Introducing Somavedic – Our Recommendation

Somavedic EMF Device

Somavedic bears resemblance to a tiny glowing UFO. But unlike the technology frequencies around us, this small device restores the natural frequencies in the human body. It emits an energy field across 2800 or more square feet, decreasing the effects that EMF and other unnatural vibrations have on the body.

Why We Recommend It

At Innovative Medicine, we believe in finding holistic and natural solutions to the health problems of today. Somavedic embodies this philosophy through natural science and by rebalancing the body’s frequencies in an all-natural way. 

And this product can go anywhere, such as in your home, a doctor’s office, the dentist’s office – wherever EMF, free radicals, and other unnatural frequencies may disrupt the natural functioning of the body.

Who Should Use it

We recommend Somavedic to anyone and everyone. The Somavedic EMF device offers you, your coworkers, your friends, and your family protection from the dangers associated with all of these invisible frequencies. 

How It Works

The benefits of Somavedic range from increased energy and enhanced focus to improved productivity and increased calmness. But how does this small device accomplish this?

Somavedic uses precious and semi-precious stones to create a controlled energy release. Each of these stones has a natural vibration frequency. This means that they can interact and impact other frequencies, such as EMF radiation, bacteria, viruses, and more.

In turn, your body is less affected by these unnatural vibrations or frequencies, and your health doesn’t take as big of a hit because of them. And yes, all of this is backed up by science. In fact, this device was created on quantum physics and has been scientifically proven.

Somavedic Infographic

So, how do you even know if this device is working for you?

Like any scientifically backed idea or invention, there is a way to measure the effectiveness of Somavedic. The three tests that can do this include a urine test, a blood test, and a bio-resonance test. A urine test can measure the oxidative, or free radical, levels in your urine, indicating oxidative stress levels within your body (ideally, these levels should be reduced after using Somavedic for some time). This can also be measured through various blood testing. And lastly, a bio-resonance test has the ability to measure the energy frequencies being emitted from the body.

Generally, you’re likely going to need a before and after test to make a true and real comparison, showing whether or not Somavedic is working for you and after how long.

On the Somavedic website, they indicate that you can see improvements in as little as 3-5 days and as long as 3-6 months or more. There is no set time frame since every individual is different – as is every person’s health status. 

For the greatest effects possible when using this device, you want to have it on all the time. And don’t worry here – the energy consumption is very minimal. The device uses less than 1kWh each month. 

Another really cool fact about this device: You can even treat your water with Somavedic. 

Now, we’re not talking about taking water from the lake and attempting to drink it after exposing it to Somavedic. We’re referring to reinstating the natural crystal structure of tap water by placing it next to your Somavedic device for a minimum of five minutes.

Why does this matter? Water stores energy and this energy passes to our cells. By ensuring the right energies and frequencies are absorbed by the water you drink, you’re one step closer to optimizing your health and well-being.

Purchase Somavedic EMF Protection Products.

Remember, natural frequencies help the human body, but unnatural ones hinder it! And this is exactly how Somavedic can benefit you.

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