The Story Behind 5G and Your Health with Dr. Mindy Beck

Brussels and Geneva recently took action to ban 5G cell service from their cities, citing health risks. Were they right to do so, or overreacting? What about the 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries that wrote the European Union warning of the potential health consequences of 5G?

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Mindy Beck, an expert in electromagnetic radiation health risks and the co-founder of Tilys (now YouMatrix), a company that produces biocompatible EMF protection devices. She will shed some light on what 5G is, what the real dangers are, and what you can do about it.

This is the story behind 5G with Dr. Mindy Beck.

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Caspar Szulc: 00:01
Hello and welcome to this third episode of Your Health, Your Story. I’m Caspar Szulc, cofounder of Innovative Medicine and I wanted to start this one off with an interesting little factoid. Did you know that Brussels and Geneva have banned the rollout of 5G in their cities stating health reasons? As Belgian Environmental  Minister Celine Fermoa said, “I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards which must protect the citizen are not respected, 5G or not.” She went on to state that the people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health can be sold at a profit. Pretty bold.

On top of that over 180 scientists and doctors in almost 40 countries have warned about 5G health risks. So, should you be alarmed? Maybe completely freaking out? And if it’s a credible threat to our health, what can we do about it? That’s why we brought on Dr. Mindy Beck to discuss this hot topic. She’ll also share some actionable tips as well as give a special offer which she says not only protects you from the detrimental effects of cellular signals or radiation but can actually utilize these frequencies to benefit yourself and your environment. So wait for the end of the show but for now, let’s jump into the talk.

I was actually in an Uber car the other day, Uber driver and he started going on about how the service was very poor in the area he picked me up in and how he was super excited about 5G and in the back of my mind I was a little bit smiling and almost wanted to get in this discussion with him, but I waited for our next guest here to get into this discussion because she is an expert not only on EMF but on this topic of 5G cell service and the dangers of what we keep in our pockets, most of us all day long and use so much today. This guest is Dr. Mindy Beck. I’ve known her, I had the privilege of knowing her for many years now and she’s going to get into some of these topics and, and a lot of other interesting things I think you guys will really like. But first let’s start off with the burning question. This is Your Health, Your Story. Dr. Beck, can you tell us a little bit about your story and how you got into medicine and into this whole field of integrative medicine and electromagnetic radiation, all these fun things we’re going to be jumping in to shortly.

Dr. Mindy Beck: 02:55
Absolutely. Thank you very much for having me today. This is a pleasure and it’s great to see you. And so my story is actually a fairly simple one and how I, especially how I got into talking more about electromagnetic radiation and the health concern around it. I’ve been a naturopath for 15 years now and I was working with chronically ill patients primarily Lyme disease, but the gamut and working with people from all over the world. And I started noticing really that their health was going downhill much faster, especially after the advent of the smartphone. And in 2000, it was about in 2009, 2010 where I had a patient in my waiting room and she fell into a seizure. She didn’t have a seizure condition at all. And there just so happened to be another gentleman in the waiting room who had just taken out his smartphone and was texting on it.

We didn’t put two and two together right away, but this repeatedly happened to her and not just in our waiting room but in other areas. And finally we realized it was due to exposure to a cell phone. So this led me down the path of trying to find solutions. And she wasn’t the only one of my patients who had this. We were actually hearing it from pretty much all of them. And the symptoms would range anywhere from migraines to panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, mood disorders, depression, and, and then of course in this one case she had seizures after never having them in 60 plus years of her life. So I really knew that I needed to find a solution that was in alignment with my naturopathic background and with something that would be utilizing and, and really talking about our innate ability to be self healing.

Caspar Szulc: 05:29
Which is a big thing for us too. You know, that idea that the body is always healing and it’s this remarkable vessel that has the ability to help us in many ways. And I think nowadays it’s under constant attack and we’re pushing those boundaries to how much we could actually heal in the time that it’s being attacked. And I think you notice this as well, and  you’re speaking of it, is that we do have this structure that most of us overlooked in the unseen electromagnetic fields around us. And so you started to look for solutions. Where did that lead you?

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Dr. Mindy Beck: 06:05
So I started look really at what these frequencies were doing to our biology. And this is what scared me the most, is the one I found out. So in fact, a lot of people are scared of it, but they don’t really know why. They don’t know how it’s affecting their biology. And so this is where I really like to educate people. I think this is where a lot of it gets very confusing for people out there because there are so many products on the market claiming to protect you from this and block you from that. And I’ll save you from this that people get overwhelmed and they just, they just buy out of panic and fear. So I think the major issues that people really need to know about and why they need to find a true solution is that the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other sources, corrupt water.

This is one of the biggest topics that we always talked about. So water is life. And I will go into that a little bit later and explain how those frequencies are corrupting water. But as a caveat, it’s really because it’s affecting the hydrogen atoms, the water. And this is also why it’s affecting and corrupting our DNA. A big part of that, the other reason why these artificial frequencies, and by the way artificial frequencies I’ll use a lot, but people are saying EMF, EMR, RF, wireless, radiation. I’m sure you’ve heard even more, but these are all basically the same things. So that’s where a big clarification and confusion comes is once people start looking into this, they don’t even know what it’s called. So they don’t know what they’re looking at. So artificial frequencies are, let’s just call it EMF for simplicity sake, is these EMF’s are isolating us from the information from our environment that allows us to be self healing. So now we’re cut off from that. So our water is corrupted, our DNA is corrupted, and we’re cut off from the information source that makes it possible for us to heal.

Caspar Szulc: 08:45
Now a lot of people, when they’re listening to this, they’re saying, okay, you know, I, I want to hear more about this. You know, the water corruption, everything else and the detrimental. But they’re probably also thinking, you know, cell phones are rampant. They’re everywhere. A lot of people had said they’re safe, government says, and all of these things, and look at how small they are. So can you maybe address a little bit of that, of how something so small and relatively deemed safe can be something that is harmful and why is it that some patients are having seizures and others are completely fine?

Dr. Mindy Beck: 09:30
Or so they think that’s the little asterisk next to that, right? That’s why. Because it’s about, it’s the same thing. Why can one person smoke their entire life and be healthy? Whereas somebody has, you know, doesn’t even smoking and gets lung cancer. It’s all about our constitution and how we’re able to actually address that. And that’s one of the other points about what this EMF is, is that it is a toxin and it is a toxin that gets stored in our tissues. And not only is it a toxin, but we’ve coined the phrase Bully Toxin.

Because it debilitates your body’s ability to detox. So if you already have a really strong system, maybe you’ve led a really clean life. You have a great constitution family heritage. You grew up with clean water. You moved as a kid, like exercise meaning not so much, a physical, formal exercise, but just movement is very important. So there’s all these different factors as to why this simple little cell phone can affect some people and not others. And it may just be, in the case of that moment, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back and she had so many other things that were going on and it was just that tipping point for her and her nervous system started shutting down or it creates chaos, artificial frequencies, they create chaos. So again, why can some people see me only be able to handle a lot of stress and others, you know, just one, my new thing changes and everything’s falling. So I think that’s another point. If people can recognize, well, why am I being affected or well, I’m not affected at all. It’s not that because you’re asymptomatic, but it’s not affecting you.

Caspar Szulc: 10:08
Yeah. Another point that I was made aware of also, and this is something that goes back many years when I was dealing with a distributing low-level lasers, is that a lot of places that we spoke to said, well I like the high level lasers, right? Because they’re, they’re powerful. They get the job done quickly and, and when we were selling them, and you had to understand the science behind it, but when you have a low level laser and you use it on a daily basis and you’re using it more frequently, the energy or the power output times the frequency or how long you’re doing it, we’ll give you the results or the final energy being infused into the body in the cells. So even if you took a five milliwatt laser versus a very high powered one with several lots, hundreds of Watts, and you did that treatment every day.

Let’s say your final energy output that’s going into the cells is going to be somewhat similar to even the high powered one. So in this analogy, what I’m saying is that this isn’t like sitting under high power energy lines, which we know is bad for us and that’s something that can absolutely impact. Or being around radioactive material, even for a few seconds can suddenly have a huge impact. But we’re talking about something and even a small amount of energy output, which you could debate what’s a small amount now and a lot of these phones put out some powerful EMF’s in some ways, but having that around you constantly is a constant little drop of toxicity, Bully Toxin being infused into the body and over time it’s going to have an impact. It’s not to say you get a cell phone, you turn it on and boom, you suddenly feel it. But over time, and again that goes to constitution, how you will be affected, how many drops, how many years will it take? But it is constantly affecting us and that brings us to the point, well how is it constantly affecting us? You mentioned it’s a bully toxin. You mentioned water corruption. And of course we are made of 60, 70% depending on age, water. It is a life. He said that also. So can you go into how is our cell phone, the electromagnetic radiation around us corrupting this water?

Dr. Mindy Beck: 14:02
Absolutely. So we have in that water molecule we’ve got oxygen and two hydrogen. So those hydrogen, it’s the most ubiquitous substance on the planet in our universe. And by volume it makes up 98% of the universe. So that, and I’m taking you back to chemistry and the periodic table. I know everybody starts going, no, not chemistry. But hydrogen has one electron and that one electron is supposed to be spinning on itself and spinning around the nucleus and it has a very particular pattern in which it’s supposed to be doing this. So I’m actually gonna segue here because it’s an important point to understand that EMF’s produced by all our electronic devices, they are frequencies that are two-dimensional and they don’t spin, and everything in nature spins these spinning frequencies or the spin itself is what allows systems to communicate properly without doing damage.

So this is why we can have very large systems like the universe, the planet rotating on itself and rotating around the sun, down to this little tiny electron rotating around the nucleus and they all know how to speak together because it’s all through that spin. And that spin acts as a differential that allows your systems to coordinate and synchronize. And I’ll get back to synchronize because it’s a very important topic for this. So as this little electron is spinning and going around the nucleus. What it’s doing is it allows when it gets close to the nucleus, it dispenses something called a bio photon and a bio photon it’s it’s life. This is what animates. This is what allows things to literally be alive. And then it’s supposed to rotate back out to the periphery and recharge from its environment. Unfortunately, the artificial frequencies are so much stronger than the very subtle frequencies that allow us to be self healing, that it keeps it so that it can’t go back out to the periphery to recharge. So now water is dead, so don’t worry. We do have solutions.

Caspar Szulc: 16:57
Don’t freak out just yet.

Dr. Mindy Beck: 17:01
Yes. But this is a big part of why now water can’t communicate its information properly because it it’s a dead highway.

Caspar Szulc: 17:15
And communication is so important within the body. We understand that on let’s say a neurological level, understanding that we have to send impulses to move, to speak to everything, to even communicate is a communication happening before we speak. But it’s, it’s also very, very important on that energetic level that many of us don’t talk about that cell to cell communication. There are trillions of chemical processes happening because they’re communicating. If they don’t communicate, processes don’t work. And I love that analogy you gave of of the importance of spin. And as Einstein says, if you really want to learn about anything more, look into nature and that micro and macro from a single atom, and we understand that spin is always there of the electron to the universe. The biggest known thing that is spinning constantly. And that’s what allows it. So when you lose that spin, you’re going to have problems in that. It happens in the body as well.

Dr. Mindy Beck: 18:13
And you mentioned something about the trillion chemical reactions. Actually there are 37,000 billion billion chemical reactions.

Caspar Szulc: 18:22
I stand corrected. That’s a lot. Yes. Every second.

Dr. Mindy Beck: 18:28
So this is where when we have these artificial frequencies coming into the picture, our body doesn’t understand that language and so the whole body has to stop. And even if it stops for a split second, what happened to those 37,000 billion billion chemical reactions at that time, right? It didn’t get the right information. So what is the right information? That’s also the big part. So we talk about the natural frequencies, but people are like, okay, well I actually had one client say, are you talking about the grass? And the trees and is that nature?

I’m like, well yes that’s nature but let’s talk about what actually makes it nature and what allows us to live in. And the frequencies of nature are a combination of electrical frequencies or I like to call them information because our body needs the proper information. These electrical frequencies are coming from our ionosphere and then you have the magnetic frequencies that are coming from our earth. So you have electric and magnetic frequencies coming together to direct us. And this information is different at every nanosecond of every day. And in fact, this is why they’re never going to be two snowflakes that are identical. So if this information is coordinated to make those snowflakes, what is it doing to us? We have to have that information. We have to be synchronized with that information at all times so that our body can adapt. If we can adapt, we can be self healing.

Caspar Szulc: 20:35
So that information is incredibly important. That cosmic and telluric you could talk about. And we know that because we send an astronauts into space and suddenly there is a problem, with their health, with their regeneration, we have to do certain things to give them those frequencies. Let’s go back to to that topic of, of 5G and, and trying to understand how that is really corrupting. I think a lot of people understand. All right, I’m getting the point here that electromagnetic radiation is bad. I’ve heard about the high power voltage wire is not to live underneath them. And I can understand that electricity gives off something that isn’t great for the body here, but cell phones, that’s, that’s different. That’s not actual just power out. But that’s something else. And we’ve gone through these evolutions of 3G, 4G and now we are at 5G. So can you explain a little bit about why is it that these cell phone signals are also impacting us and what is the difference now that we’re seeing 3G, 4G and where does 5G stand on this spectrum?

Dr. Mindy Beck: 20:47
So we have a certain number of frequencies and there’s a lot of literature out there claiming that 4G is like about three gigahertz or so, and that 5G is going to be upwards of even a hundred gigahertz. So what does that mean? Numbers. It really doesn’t mean anything to our biology. Our biology just sees it as a lot of information coming it, and this is really where the concern is, that we are going to be packing a lot more technical information into a smaller space. And so now what’s going to happen is we may have cell phone relays right now, one on every block, let’s say, or in some places they may be a free mile depending upon where you live. Now they’re proposing that they are going to be on every house on even utilizing your wireless router in your home to amplify this.

Because what it is is a weaker signal but much, much faster. So like I was saying before, these frequencies are a toxin. They get absorbed by our bodies, by the trees, by everything around us and they’re creating in us and also in our environment, they actually create a dehydration. So this is another way that they’re affecting the water. So if you have a lot more information trying to be pushed so that we can be faster, because we want to be able to download a movie in two seconds versus two minutes then it’s gonna come at the price of having these relays much closer together so that that information can be routed very quickly. Does that make sense?

Caspar Szulc: 24:23
That does. And you’re saying they’re literally going to be using the routers that you already have as part of that communication to push out that information, which in essence is toxicity.

Dr. Mindy Beck: 24:34
Right. I’ve heard this as being proposed. Yes. On that part, on the technical part as to when and how they’re going to implement that. Only the companies really know.

Caspar Szulc: 24:48
Sure. And they’re going to be pretty secretive about it at this point.

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Dr. Mindy Beck: 24:52
Yes. We do know there are satellite networks also going up. And this is a network of satellites that are going to cover the earth and that are going to be relay stations that are going to be able to transmit to each one of those smaller routers.

Caspar Szulc: 25:14
So this could be a little bit scary for some people hearing this right now. I understand. And we’re here to say that it doesn’t have to because there are people such as yourselves that are working to find solutions. What are some of the things that you were doing to, or you would even recommend people do to prepare themselves for 5G and begin to protect themselves?

Dr. Mindy Beck: 25:40
So we have, the good thing is yes we do have something. So there’s no freaking out needed. So our cell phone itself, we can use technology that is allowing us to access the frequencies of nature so we can now use your cell phone to get the information that your body needs in order to regulate itself. And in fact, we’re using the pollution of the cell phone to do so. So this is where we are definitely excited because we look at these toxins and these especially electromagnetic pollution as an opportunity to be able to get more of the information that our body needs over to be self healing.

Caspar Szulc: 25:14
So you’re literally spinning a negative into a positive, see what I did there at the spin. We can keep going with these puns here, but that’s pretty remarkable because it’s one thing I always say in a lot of products out there say that they’re negating or neutralizing the negativity. You have a lot of cases out there that go on cell phones that I see people using all the time and people say, hey, I’m protected now. Right? But you have a different viewpoint in some of that. And can you help to educate listeners out there as to what are some of the drawbacks of a lot of products out there? They’re saying we can negate, we can neutralize this, you will be safe. What’s the problem with a lot of these products are saying that?

Dr. Mindy Beck: 27:22
And actually when I first started looking into this 2009, 2010 when I was trying to look for solutions, this is what got me into helping to start this company to these biotech was I saw things that were saying that they could lock the radiation. And if you look at that, if you block the radiation, your cell phone will not work for, for starters. And your smartphone is designed to find you the best signal. That is why it is smart. So anytime you try to block it from finding that, it’s just going to work that much harder in order to find that signal. And same with shielding. You can’t shield yourself as you mentioned, right? There’s all these cell phones around us and, and it’s not just, well, I don’t have a cell phone. This is what people will say to me. Well, I don’t have a cell phone so I’m okay. Well your neighbor has a cell phone and the person sitting in the cubicle next to you has a cell phone and everybody else has one.

Caspar Szulc: 28:43
Literally everyone else beside you. Right?

Dr. Mindy Beck: 28:48
So it works. It works like this. Imagine yourself, if you were, if you were swimming in a lake and a boat goes by and those waves, the weight that it puts off, those waves are kind of disrupting a little bit and it throws you off while you’re swimming a little bit. So that’s the one cell phone. That’s not a big deal. I can keep swimming. Well now another boat and now four boats and now a hundred boats. Imagine a hundred boats are driving by you at the same time in different directions. All in all over the place. What is happening to those waves as they are hitting one another as those weeks is creating complete chaos and this is what’s happening with the cell phone signals that were going into 5G. Now you have a hundred you are surrounded by a hundred boats while you’re in the middle of the lake trying to swim.

Caspar Szulc: 29:55
And you don’t have a life preserver or anything.

Dr. Mindy Beck: 29:59
But what if you did have that tool that allowed you to just basically part the waters and be able to go on out naturally? And that is what Tilys on your phone does. It gives you the ability to navigate that chaos and still get the information that you need in order to be self healing. So I’m not saying that just by putting this on the back of your phone that all of a sudden all your problems are going to be gone. But it’s going to be one source that is giving you the opportunity to get that information that your body needs.

Caspar Szulc: 30:48
So tell us a little bit more about Tilys and this company that you formed to help with these issues out there. Because I’m familiar with a lot of different therapies for EMF and angiopathic stresses and all kinds of things. But what you created was, it was really something unique here and it is almost simplistic that you just put this on a phone and you’re protected. But I mean, we’ve tested it and lots of doctors have tested and seen that it’s incredibly effective. It works. So tell us how does it work? How’d you come up with this?

Dr. Mindy Beck: 29:59
Well, first of all, I can’t take the credit of coming up with this. Pierre Nicolas is a French scientist who in 1961 was on a team in the French Air Force, tasked with finding solutions to protect the radar and telecommunications operators. And so they were already very privy that these artificial frequencies that were negatively affecting people.

And so he had already been open to this realm before that. But then afterwards he studied applied physics and went into even electronics. He started studying healing and modalities from all over the world. He’s used conventional and completely non conventional ones and has studied ancient knowledge of how our planet actually functions. Which is, is really kind of a lost art that that’s probably for another podcast.

Caspar Szulc: 32:42
Oh, that could be a whole series. Yeah.

Dr. Mindy Beck: 32:48
He started in the late eighties to develop tools to protect people actually started with treatment tools to treat people using frequencies. And his therapies are a combination of acupuncture, osteopathy, and homeopathy, but without having to put any needles in you without having to do any cracking of the spine without having to ingest anything.

The beauty of it is all of his tools work primarily the same way. They are access points to the information that’s all around us all the time. It’s just that all of the chaos that’s being thrown at us in the form of now, we have so many, so much electromagnetic frequencies that our body has had a very hard time finding them on its own. So his tools, in fact, the one we’re talking about, which is a teeny piece about tech adapter that goes on the back of your phone, is that it’s an access point that allows for you to access the information in nature. Those natural frequencies that we talked about earlier, that are always there. They’re just been hidden by these very loud and chaotic frequencies. So, and then I also had mentioned synchronized earlier and how important it is to be synchronized because in nature it’s getting this information every nanosecond and it’s getting it in a ratio from the electric pole.

So those from our atmosphere and then the magnetic pool and we’re getting them in very particular ratios. So for instance, in the morning we have a rising energy and then at noon it’s the zenith of that. And so if your body at that time, your body’s supposed to be going, it’s supposed to be very yawn, yawn state and then it hits that point. And now we’re supposed to be going down more into a contraction or more, maybe in phase. But if we didn’t have that information that it was that turning point our body will just keep going. So we see this in, in pathologies, right? Where people’s bodies are just, they keep producing, they keep going. And, and this is how things like cancers because those cells, those rogue cells that our body knows how to actually get rid of and take care of that we’re producing every day and no longer can really do that.

So again, using your cell phone for a few moments isn’t going to cause cancer, which has been all out of that scare out there. Cell phones do not cause cancer. It’s that our body doesn’t have the ability to get rid of the toxins and it doesn’t have the information that it means in order to be self self-healing. These are how cancers happen. So that, and then if you don’t get the information that we are now in this yin phase or this, this phase where it’s slowing down and it keeps going into that slow down and doesn’t go back up, then this is where you get more into the degeneration.

Caspar Szulc: 36:44
I always find it fascinating when engineers apply a lot of what they’re doing to the healing arts and come up with these amazing solutions. Especially if they’re open minded. It is kind of the process of figuring out nature and how we could apply. And that’s amazing what Pierre was able to do. I’m sure a lot of people are asking, is there any science or proof to it? We all have these, you know minds, that question whether something is some, especially something like cell phones and sure, you’ve had a lot of patients you need to explain this to. Is there any even beyond studies, because I know the limitation of all clinical studies, but clinical proof, let’s say the doctors you’re working with, our center is one of them, but what have you heard from them? What anecdotal even evidence can you show or share with us that shows these are working?

Dr. Mindy Beck: 37:34
Okay, well, going back to water is the key. This is actually how we test. And because as you very well know, it’s very hard to get with all these 37,000 billion billion chemical reactions going on. It’s hard to get the body at a snapshot and do those clinical trials. And yes, there have been clinical trials. Some of them say, oh yes, all phones are dangerous. Some of them saying no they’re not. And it also, that gets very confusing.

Caspar Szulc: 38:10
As with most clinicals, there’s always two answers to that.

Dr. Mindy Beck: 38:14
Yes, so we decided to take water. We took took a water that is very similar to our plasma and that has a similar chemical composition. And we first measured it with a device that shows the biophoton activity. So if you remember, we are talking about the bio photons and that each water molecule, but specifically like you’re talking about the hydrogen that it releases it’s bio photon. So water works together and it has, if it’s a highly hydrating water, it will have a large amount of something called trimers. So this is a cluster of three water molecules, in the fact a professor did a lot of research on that and he did, several years ago, test one of our products that is about structuring water and showed that it produced very high trimer content in the water.

This, of course was not published because he was a university professor and didn’t do it for the university. So then what we did was we took the sample of water and we checked it’s biophoton activity using a gas discharge visualization machine. And so we got a baseline and then we used that same sample and we put it on an unprotected cell phone and we called it from outside of the facility, controlled environment and recorded the bio photonic activity and it dramatically reduced. So then we took that same water sample from where it ended and we put it on a Tilys protected cell phone, went through the same process. And we saw how the biophoton activity went up to pretty much past what the original sample that photon activity was. So the reason why at the very beginning, you see the biophoton activity of the water sample is extremely high, and then drops very quickly is because the GDB machine is using electricity. So, but then it slowly regulates itself. So you see the water sample actually surpasses that of the sample alone, meaning improving the water is actually improving.

Caspar Szulc: 41:21
That’s really interesting. And you know, if, if anyone wants to really go into this a little bit more, I’d suggest looking into the work of Georges Lakhovsky also Dr. Emoto, if you want to learn more about water and how it’s structured so important to us. But that’s really fascinating work and I love that you guys are going into that and looking at it from the perspective of understanding water and understanding that that’s so important to life and health and to information itself. Where do you see the landscape and respect to EMF protection, education evolving cause you’re doing a wonderful job. I know and probably the hardest thing to do is educate people, right? I’ve always said education in something that’s unseen is difficult because you are dealing with somewhat of the unseen, the radiation, just the information. All of these things that are all around is at all times, but we can’t really see itself. You know, it’s almost like treating someone from the inside as opposed to seeing the wrinkles removed. People respond well to the wrinkle removal. But if you’re saving their heart from failure, they are not seeing it. They may feel it, but the visuals are so important. So yeah, go ahead.

Dr. Mindy Beck: 42:33
You know, you were asking for anecdotals as well and we have so many testimonials that you haven’t even had time to gather them all in and put them on. But we have seen people who put Tilys on the back of their phone and I’ve had insomnia for 10 years and they slept for the first time in 10 years and said, I don’t how this thing works. We do have a few testimonials that we have put on the website that one of them was somebody I was having a meeting with and, and he had it on a cell phone and said I don’t know how this thing, before I had to keep my phone at an arm’s length. And the man is a very tall man, otherwise I get this ringing and pain in my ear. And and he said I put it on and that went away instantaneously and I was able to hold the phone to my ear and talk normal. You know I had a young woman, actually the mother of a young woman, who has depression and she was being treated. And it was suggested that she put in a Tilys on the back of her, her daughter’s phone. And she did that and she emailed me and she says, is it actually possible that this little phone thing on the back of my daughter’s phone could be helping her depression? Cause she’s in a much better mood since it’s been there. I mean, so we get these almost on a daily basis where people have seen these unbelievable responses to a little foam disc. But when that, like we were talking about at the very beginning about that straw breaking the camel’s back, it can work in reverse. So when people get a little bit of the right information, their body goes, Oh, I knew what to do with that. Okay. And they can start actually gaining a foothold.

Caspar Szulc: 45:00
That makes me think about listeners out there who are probably questioning, is this impacting me? Is there a way that that you know of, to kind of test that? Or is it one of those things that well you should probably just take the step anyway to protect yourselves and if you see improvement, there’s probably a correlation there. Or are there certain tests that people could kind of go to and see, is that helping me, something that’s impacting me or not?

Dr. Mindy Beck: 45:32
Well, you’ve got a great test here.

Caspar Szulc: 45:35
We do.

Dr. Mindy Beck: 45:32
That does help too, to show these energetic changes. I mean, this is definitely the most challenging part about it because a lot of the people out there who are selling EMF blockers and shielders can use RF meters. And they can show well the phone before was this. And now if the levels have dramatically decreased, we don’t care about the technical frequencies. We know the technical frequencies are still gonna be there. We look at it more like, remember when we actually had to tune the radio and to find the station? So we had to turn a knob to define that, that perfect harmony or melody or DJ that we loved? And to find that harmony and it doesn’t mean that the static’s not still there all around it, but when we can actually tune in to that specific frequency and this is what the Tilys adapter does, it allows us to tune into that frequency.

But it doesn’t change the technical frequency. So it’s not changing the static. It’s still there. But it’s more about that your body now is getting the information and not so much about the toxicity. This is why we don’t actually worry about the pollution. Cause no matter what pollution or technological device that comes out, there’s always a solution. Your body can always handle it and take care of itself if it has the right information and knows what to do with it. So getting back to your question, this is why it’s hard for us. There is no handheld device out there like an RF meter that shows that this is also a very important point. So people know that they can’t just say, Oh wait, but this doesn’t work because the, the radio frequencies are still very high on the meter, which isn’t necessarily the case either. And those are just showing those, those spikes and those valleys, we’re more concerned about allowing the system to be able to regulate itself so that can deal with those peaks and valleys that come at it all the time.

Caspar Szulc: 45:35
It’s difficult. I know that, speaking from the center standpoint is difficult to prove certain things when you don’t have the known tools to do it. There are tools out there that can do it. They’re just a little bit more evolved from being readily accessible to most people. And that makes it a little bit difficult. But I always say when you’re in that kind of a state where you’re unsure when you’re talking about your health, take action. If it’s applying something like a biotech adapter from Tillis and you see some improvement, or even if you’re just  a minimal investment for something that can absolutely improve. And if not, it won’t harm any more. It won’t actually do what others do that the signal has to boost or something like that and, and have a negative effect. So take that action. Why not? If you can’t, you know, yet, show that, I don’t know if it’s really impacting you or not. Take the action, be proactive, don’t wait. Right?

Dr. Mindy Beck: 49:17
Absolutely. This is the time to act because you could keep searching for what “the perfect solution”, but in that time that you’re searching, now you’re, you’re being exposed to how much more. And if, if we take these steps to also structure water properly, and these are the tools that we talk about but if we can use our phone as something to actually help transform the pollution, this is really what we’re all about at Tilys. We are using the first law of thermodynamics. In fact, nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. And instead of looking at this as a negative, we can transform it into a positive. So for your listeners out there, isn’t it a beautiful thing that now you can use your pollution and all of that wasted pollution by the way. Cause just because you’re not using your cell phone doesn’t mean your cell phone isn’t still working and still paying all the time. Those are, that’s wasted information that if you have a T lease on it, it’s actually using that to protect and create an environment around the phone that is positive and beneficial.

Caspar Szulc: 50:54
Yeah. And that’s a wonderful thing when you take that negative turn into a positive, especially when you’re talking about something that is so related to health and we see so many people that are dealing with disease and sickness and then sometimes that straw that is breaking the camel’s back and allowing disease to persist is the radiation is your cell phone and things that like that. Any parting advice you can bestow upon us in relation to, you know, 5G cell phone health? What would be some, you know, tips you could leave us with as, as we get ready for this new evolution, constant evolution 6, she’s probably right around the corner too, right? It’s only a matter of time and then it’s going to be 7, 10G and you were going to be at 100G in a few years. It’s constantly evolving and unfortunately our bodies aren’t evolving quick enough. What advice can you give us and share with us you know, to, to help us protect ourselves and not be so fearful of all these changes.

Dr. Mindy Beck: 52:00
And that’s exactly it. I would say, transform that fear into positive action. And, we were talking about education and so there is literature out there that is discussing the things that I talked about today. You have to decipher through quite a bit and we’ve done that for you and we’ve provided these solutions for you so that you don’t have to work on that part. All you have to do is work on your own health. And by applying this to the back of your phone, you are now using the thing that you’re using every day. You’re using it now to benefit your environment, not just your technical communication, but your internal and environmental education or communication is me. And that is a beautiful thing that we can all start joining this network actually of one plus one does not equal two in the land of artificial frequencies, but the inverse is also true. So as more people join in and use these devices on the back of their phone, they’re joining a community that is going to create more harmonious and more beneficial frequencies to not only ourselves but to the planet.

Caspar Szulc: 53:45
And that’s a wonderful thing. Thank you so much, Dr. Beck. Where can we learn more about you and your work with Tilys?

Dr. Mindy Beck: 53:55
You can find more information on And we are also planning on doing seminars and the goal is to really get out there and help bring this information to people. So thank you so much for this opportunity to do just that.

Caspar Szulc: 54:15
No, you’re welcome. And I know your partner, Patrick, who we’ll have on the show soon as well, are doing an amazing job of educating. I always say education is empowerment. The more choices you have, the better off you can be with your health and know how to preserve it. So thank you again. And if you want to learn more, that’s Dr. Beck and Tilys have been kind enough to extend a special offer to Your Health, Your Story listeners. They’re offering their cell phone protection  adapters at $75, plus if you order by December 12, 2019, you’ll get the current version now and then the upgraded 5G version that’s being released shortly for free. So you can go to their website and order that and they’ll give you the current one that covers the 4G and then the 5G version completely free. Quantities are limited so definitely go and check out their website and get access to this incredible new technology.

Technology is a wonderful thing. People, it really is. It’s advanced this so far, but at the same time, everything has a flip side. We have a negative and positive. So as technology continues to advance and we see things like 5G, we have to take the steps to protect ourselves and our bodies. And as you’ve heard here today, this is just one way to protect yourself, but knowledge is power. Take this in. Make the right choices, live healthy, write your own story. Thank you for listening. Until next time.

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