The Story Behind Vaccines with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky

Not many topics are as polarizing as vaccines. But with more children and more adults in a chronic state of disease, does the idea that health must come through a needle the right one? This podcast is dedicated to asking questions and reviewing the data, science, and experience surrounding vaccines.

To help answer these questions, we’re turning to a medical doctor who has been studying vaccinations for over 30 years and speaking on them at events worldwide.

This is the story behind vaccines with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky.

In 50 to 100 years, this information will be old because we’re moving through a transformation of lies and truths and bad science and real science. We’re seeing such a deficient mental capacity right now, because there is no thinking and any thinking is really frowned upon or censored. But I know that the information that I’m sharing with you is going to be, you know, like ‘duh’ in 50 to 100 years.

Connect with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky

Website: Northport Wellness Center
Instagram: @drpalevsky

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