The Story of Crohn’s Crusaders with Trevor Zabar

When conventional medicine lets you down and tells you your condition is incurable, you start experimenting, researching, taking notes and forming hypothesis. You become a crusader. That’s the story we’re sharing today. After a close call with death from a ruptured colon, our guest decided his purpose and goal was to end IBD and IBS worldwide.

He has worked with top GI doctors from around the world and saw that many were using the wrong information and the wrong approach. Even worse, few knew how to properly restore a patient’s gut ecology. We discuss what he learned navigating the medical field as a Crohn’s patient, how he took his power back, lessons he learned in speaking with Prince, and forming his new venture Pure Vida Life.

This is the Story of Crohn’s Crusaders with Trevor Zabar.

“When your body is healing, it’s going to go through these things. And if you gradually put the things in like healthy bacteria in small amounts, and you feed it with the prebiotics…really pushing prebiotics and fruits and vegetables, this is what allows the body to actually flip the gut ecology.

If you’re just constantly on a plant-based diet, you’re going to get better.”

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