The Story of Faith’s Role in Healing with Jaime Jamgochian

When it comes to medicine, we often think that the therapies, procedures, and drugs determine a successful treatment. But what about faith? To tackle this important subject, we turned to a singer-songwriter who was the #1 Inspirational Artist of the Year on the Billboard charts in 2008. 

Jaime Jamgochhain performs her songs around the world, sharing her message of finding your value and purpose in life. She also understands what it means to be chronically ill as she was diagnosed with neurological Lyme disease and had to overcome the complex condition that tested her resolve.

This is the story of faith’s role in healing, with Jaime Jamgochian.

You don’t need giant faith…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you’re good. And literally there were some days I carried a mustard seed in my pocket. I’m like, this is all I got. This is all I got today.

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Instagram: @jaimejamgochian

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