The Story of GemWater with Anjanette Sinesio

If you believe we are what we eat, then what about what we drink? We’re made up of 60-70% water as humans, and the water you drink may have a bigger impact on your health than you thought. Not to mention much of what we are spending money on for water options may be detrimental to health. Studies show even with the removal of BPA in plastic water bottles, most of the plastics that replaced the BPA still leach into the water and mimic hormonal compounds.

In this episode, we speak with Anjanette Sinesio, the founder of Gem-Water, to discuss how we can use natural elements from the Earth to increase the quality of the water and improve your ability to heal and stay healthy.

This is the story of Gem-Water.

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Caspar Szulc: 00:01
Welcome to this second episode. I’m Caspar Szulc, the Co-Founder of Innovative Medicine and the host of the ‘Your Health. Your Story.’ podcast. Today we’re going to be talking about something that may seem boring on the surface level, but is actually something that a number of doctors and experts I’ve talked to say may hold the key to understanding health and disease better. We’re going to be talking about water. Here’s the thing. We’re made up of 60 to 70% water, meaning we’re mostly water. In fact, newborns’ water constitutes as much as 93% of their body weight and it’s for good reason. Our bodies need this water to function properly. Water’s unique chemical configuration of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Make the perfect medium for transmitting substances in and out of the cell, and these are the building blocks of life.

My question and one we’ll try to answer today is why aren’t we paying more attention to the quality of the water we’re putting into our bodies? And for some of us, we are. I get it. We pay a premium on bottled water. We purchase expensive reverse osmosis machines. But is this really enough? You know, studies show even with the removal of BPA in plastic water bottles, most of the plastics actually went to replace the BPA, still, leach into the water and mimic hormonal compounds. In one study published in environmental health perspectives, they found that 70% of BPA free plastic products release chemicals that acted like estrogen and that was before they expose this stuff to real-world conditions like sunlight, dishwashing, and microwaving. That’s why in this episode we’re going to be speaking with Anjanette Sinesio who is the founder of a company called Gem-Water.

See we won’t be talking about any singular water source since many can be negatively influenced through events, out of our control even before it reaches us. But we’ll be showing you a way to improve the quality of the water through what the earth has already provided us in gemstones and crystals. And before you start to think this as some out there new age stuff, Anjanette’s going to share some of the signs behind this as well. We’ll also have a special offer at the end of the show or if you’re impatient, you can go to www.innovative right now. Look under the post for this podcast. I don’t want to delay this anymore. So let’s turn to the interview of Anjanette and hear the story of Gem-Water.

Let’s start with the million-dollar question. This is a podcast called ‘Your Health, Your Story’.  So let’s start with your story and tell me a little bit about your background before you were into gem water. You start gem water. You are in the gemstone business too but in a very different way. Right? So go into that.

Anjanette Sinesio:03:09
Yeah. So for the last 23 years, I’ve been in the jewelry business. I’m in different facets. You know, I’ve been heads of marketing for a lot of big brands. But in 2006, I started my own jewelry line with a few partners called Diamond in the Rough using natural rough diamonds. Again, about the energy, right when you don’t touch a diamond is sort of the history of rough diamonds and people hadn’t really used them before and in jewelry, well they did, but back a long time ago. But we got so used to faceting them. For me there was just such a beautiful, just a feeling of how the stones were untouched and how beautiful they were without being faceted does, there’s beauty in both. You know, I see the beauty in both. So I had launched that in Bergdorf Goodman was my first store, which was like so exciting.

I can’t even begin to tell you. I was like, Oh my gosh, they want the line. And then Neimans and Saks and a lot of stores around the world. And I’ve just really been in the jewelry business for that part for that long. I started another business called Sky and Livi where I was trying to help women cope with hair loss due to chemotherapy by helping them make, a lab-grown diamond using their carbon, you know, as part of that process. And then Gem-Water started three years ago. So I really got this idea after drinking the water, the gemstones aren’t just beautiful. Of course, they had this amazing energy and vibration and healing purposes that I’ve always known about, but really it really hit me all of a sudden that I can help bring it to the world in a way that was really helpful.

Not just beautiful outside, but beautiful inside, right? So I’ve always adorned women on the outside, but now I can help with these beautiful gemstones through drinking, which is the thing that’s like integral to our life. Right? If we don’t drink enough, we’re hydrated, which causes headaches, and illness. So how do we have women drink enough (and men) when these crystals are very inspiring? I’ve gotten lots of emails from people how they’ve been able to drink a lot more water. And myself too. This was invented by Ewald Eisen. The actual vial was his first invention 12 years ago out of Germany. And when I found them, I was so in awe that he created this modern way to do it. So gemstone healing has been around for centuries, right?

And people putting gems directly in their water. When he wants to do it in a more modern way and not have to keep cleaning the stones and all the things that go into it. Trying to drink in a stone, falling in your mouth and all that fun stuff. Right? So and being from the jewelry world, I thought I could really bring this to my jewelry stores. One of the things with my jewelry stores, I work with so many of these stores, and we serve water to clients and different drinks as well, but we always offer water and people were giving plastic water bottles with their logos and branded and it’s terrible for the environment. So this was like full circle for me now. I just kept hitting so many things good for the environment. Crystals. Pretty. Helping people. And it was so warmly received

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Caspar Szulc: 06:57
And it seems like such a natural crossover. You were around gemstones, you’re using them in this external beautification way and, and like you mentioned everything out there, I think, and I had this conversation with a doctor recently that everything out there in this world is, is that there was a purpose to it. Gemstones to aren’t just jewelry. They actually have healing purposes. And it’s fascinating that you could use that in water as well because like you said, people have known gemstone healing for a lot that just holding it or just, you know, getting the frequencies in but to crossover into water. That’s really interesting. And so three years ago is when you started Gem-Water, correct? And tell us about how you did that cross over. Tell us about that moment where it kind of showed up and you said, I need to do that.

Anjanette Sinesio: 07:46
I know you’re going to laugh. So I was in a wellness center and I was exposed to the big decanter and tried the water and, and it was an instantaneous intuition that I knew I had to be involved. texted my husband, I said, I don’t know what we’re going to do exactly, but, and I took a picture and I said, where we’re going, I want to find these people and we’re going to start a business with, I don’t know what it’s going to be. He started laughing at me. He was like, you know, okay – laugh out loud. What I love about my husband is that he’s open to open to anything. Like I have to hear about this when you get home. So we did, we talked about it. We’ve found the guys, we talked with them, we got all the products and we started testing it. Just like how does the water taste? How do we feel?

You know, for me it was great because I used to not drink enough water. So now, you know, gems in my water. Oh yeah. Now I don’t want to be without my bottle. I don’t want to be without a decanter. A bottle on my kitchen counter and bottles with me always. So I, it helped me just in that alone, just getting my eight 8 oz glasses. And then I started to talk to a few friends in the industry and just kind of getting people’s opinions, like, what do you think about this? And really got such good feedback from people and decided that we’re going to do this, and on the distribution here, and bring it out to all of our contacts and help beautify women in both ways. I’m still doing jewelry, I still do jewelry privately and I’m working on another line right now with crystal- less expensive because my jewelry before it was like $5,000 to over a million. Now I want to reach more people. So that was how it first happened.

Caspar Szulc: 09:57
That’s a great story. And I mean, it is that crossover and Gem Water can really, it looks beautiful, right? When you see it, I saw it the first time, right. And I was like, okay, that’s gorgeous. That’s already checked, you know, for our waiting area here at our medical center. But it goes much deeper than that. It’s not just beauty and it’s not just fluff. A lot of people will say, oh, gem water, right? Putting gems in water. What is that doing? Just stick with the Poland Spring or even tap water. But as we know, listen, we’re made of a 60, 70 to 80%, depending on our age water. Yes. It’s, it’s such an important, vital thing. Without it, of course, we cannot survive. Yeah. And as with everything we talk about this with patients, quality is what is most important. Right. You know, and, and here in New York, everyone talks about tap water, how great it is. And I kind of cringe every time I hear that. And it is better than in other places. But that’s not to say it’s of high quality or it’s really, you could say good for you. 

Anjanette Sinesio: 11:06
The word you said before was vital. Vital water and living water. So that molecular structure is broken down, all the processes and going through the pipes and when you have spring water, it’s that constant movement. And when you’ve talked biodynamic farming, people farm and then you use a lot of crystal coils, and so that energy and vibration. People, because they don’t see it somewhat, they think that it’s not real. But it is, it’s scientific. 

Caspar Szulc: 11:35
All around us. Right. Come on cell phones, wifi, these are not seeing things. But yeah. 

Anjanette Sinesio: 11:40
And when I tell people, the one thing I’ve found that really makes people go, Oh, is when I say ‘You’ve heard of a quartz watch, right?’ When I say that, it’s not called a quartz watch just to use the name quartz. There’s such a precise frequency and oscillation that when the battery is sending the signal and it is powering and keeping the time on this watch because it’s so precise. Then that usually makes people really understand that crystals have a frequency and a power. And sometimes they may question the healing aspects of it, but you know, it’s from millennia it’s been done in so many cultures, it’s not going to hurt people. So I always tell people that you’re drawn to the colors. If you’re going to see this beautiful thing with crystals, that’s going to inspire you to drink and you’re now having this living vital water, like spring water’s living. It’s when you put it under the microscope, you see that beautiful crystalline structure.

Caspar Szulc: 12:47
Emoto’s work. We always say, look at Emoto’s work, don’t knock it. Just look at it. You could be a skeptic. I will say it’s fine to be a skeptic but look into it. And you know, see some of those things and start to be a little bit more open-minded. 

Anjanette Sinesio: 13:01
I think so. I think it gives people an opportunity to try something different and to just read and understand. You know, I have a friend who says a lot, he’s a very big person in engineering and, worked for Apple for many, many years. And he said, you know, we talk about quantum physics a lot, and, and he said, there are so many things that may not have been proven at one point, you know, but that doesn’t mean they’re not true. And this whole idea would be like the crystal. Computers and everything, LCD microchips, it’s needed, it’s a part of such an integral part of our world and it’s used in so many different ways. So I’m just happy to make it pretty and functional.

Caspar Szulc: 13:50
Yeah. Well, it’s definitely pretty, it’s very functional. And, and I always say, one of the biggest things is there’s no harm to it. There are no side effects. So even if you’re not really a believer, I would say still try. You’re going to have a pretty water case, right? It’s beautiful and glass and it’ll be a conversation starter for sure. And there’s nothing harmful about, you’re not putting chemicals into it. You’re not doing anything. You are truly vitalizing water. We know this. My father who is a doctor knows this. Lots of doctors actually do know this outside of conventional medicine and understanding bioenergy. So that is a big point. But what are some of the things, because I’ve heard that alkalinity is something that can improve on reduction of bacteria in water. So what are some of those more, let’s say, scientifically proven pieces that you could point to? 

Anjanette Sinesio: 14:44
There were tests that they did in Germany at this place called the Institute Hagalis that the vital jewel had done where they had tested the water and the pH had gone up to an 8.02 when it was more alkaline. In the US, we have all these FDA things that you can’t say. But these tests did come. And I even did a meter, like when I got an actual meter, not like those strips. But I personally did take it on and tested everything and, and it went up to 8.02, so I was really excited just because as we know in our bodies, more acidic disease lives there and we were trying to create a proper, pH balance in our body.

So that was exciting for me as, as part of it. And then again, the living quality of the crystal Instructure coming back. It’s not a filter. So I always tell people that when you’re talking before about tap water, a lot of my newer clients love their tap water and I say yes if you want to put it in, it’s going to get that restructuring and living quality and the natural healing qualities will be imbibed into it. But I personally prefer to use filtered water to get up whatever junk is there and then restructure it. I also have people who love to use spring water. Spring water does have its own issues when it comes in very warm trucks and plastic if it’s not BPA free. So I also feel good for them to like re-enliven in it. So it’s whatever water people feel comfortable.

Caspar Szulc: 16:26
Right. There are no restrictions really. So people with that really expensive alkalizing water systems and all of that because it’s getting bigger and bigger. People are focusing on water. Once you cross a certain threshold into understanding health and you have this, biohacking movement and people really looking deeper and deeper and, and trying to understand what water is best for us. And you have even John Ellis water with looking at the angles, which is very interesting. And I’d say definitely look into that too. But you’re saying all of that can be placed into the Gem-Water vital jewel yeah. And even further improved, right?

Anjanette Sinesio: 17:00
Yes. And there’s, you know, you’ll have that restructuring of the water and so whatever you feel most comfortable with, I would say, to definitely put in.

Caspar Szulc: 17:12
One of the things you mentioned before, I know a lot of people who are into crystals and gemstones say is, is always cleaning it, right? Or even leaving it out in the full moon. Polarized light can have that effect. Washing it, Sage can do it, right?

Anjanette Sinesio: 17:26
When people buy from our website, we give them a little Sage. If they want to cleanse there.

Caspar Szulc: 17:31
This is the one from you. Yes. I love it.

Anjanette Sinesio: 17:35
If they do feel like they want, I mean for me, you know, even with my crystal straws that I just launched you know, I cleanse the stones. I Sage them, I use rosewater. I do set loving intentions, that’s a personal thing I want to do, but I always give it to people, it’s traveled. So, they take Sage to do that or put it in the full moon to recharge. But the cleaning of the crystals because they’re encased, you don’t have to worry about the physicality of cleaning that for the bio jewel parts for our straw, it’s actually direct and we only have the quartz and that, we have a little cleaning brush for you to clean. And how often would you recommend cleaning that? 

Anjanette Sinesio:
I would say, you know, every week or so. Or, depending on how much you’re using it.

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Caspar Szulc: 18:25
And for those that maybe don’t know a little bit, what is that? What do you speaking about when you’re cleaning it? Right. Because I know, of course, and I’m sure many people, I think I went into this with the understanding of some people will know this, but others may be just introduced to this and saying, wait a second, why my cleaning this meaning is it bacteria filling? Is it not really? Right. That’s nice. 

Anjanette Sinesio: 18:47
So there are two versions. The indirect method, which is the vita gem method, encased in glass, some people call it the beaker method. You don’t have to worry about cleaning stones physically because the stones aren’t touching the mortar that’s in there, but cleansing the stones from the vibration and the energy is another, it’s a different terminology where you can use Sage or you can put them in the full moon. You can even put them on selenite. There are a few different ways for energetically cleansing the stone. So that’s that version of cleaning and for the straw because the stones, which we only use quartz with and it’s directly in the water. We do, you know, want people to, to clean it because, because it’s sitting in water, like anything, living water, some bacteria could come on if you’re not cleaning it. So just use warm soapy water and the little cleaning brush.

Caspar Szulc: 19:47
Okay. And you mentioned a straw that’s a new product, right? That was super exciting. I saw that. And that’s again, eco-friendly meets energy vibration and uplifting. And you could do that with any drink. Yeah. So tell me about them, because we have the decanter or we have the larger ones here. What products do you have right now that are available?

Anjanette Sinesio: 20:10
Okay. So there are a few things we have created. So we have the ERA Decantor and the vial that goes in there and there are about 16 different gem blends. And so, all the different gem blends we’ve created are based on naturopathy and different healing modalities. And so you’ll have things like happiness or wellness or love. Do you want to concentrate and bring those things into your life? You choose that vial that has those benefits. But sometimes I tell people what are you drawn to? If the pink stones make you happy, get that. And ultimately I think our body intuitively sends us messages. That may be just what you need. So we have that decanter. We have also the Grande, which you have in the lobby, which is a larger size with a little spout.

Which is great for if you have a bigger home but you have a lot of people or you have an office or you know, we have so many people as far as, personal people buying from the homes, yoga studios and spas that use them. Stores that serve water that are now no longer serving plastic bottles or using the dispenser. We have the border bottles themselves. We also have a pet bowl. We have two wine products. One is a full decanter and one’s a little droplet. And then the straw is something that I just launched and I designed myself and it’s under Crystals for Humanity because I really want to share crystals with humanity. So we have a new little sub-brand, I guess, or overarching brand called Crystals for Humanity. So that line is like one of the first pieces that I’m doing and I’ll be creating a lot of other things. My jewelry and some other accessories I’m working on now. And that straw is just available for preorder and it will be delivered to people in October. So that’s been exciting.

Caspar Szulc: 22:16
Yeah, that’s really exciting. And for any patients that are listening, people dealing more with any symptoms or anything, cause that’s going to be a large part of the audience here is what would you recommend for them? Because I know you have one, I believe that’s more focused on health and healing, correct? 

Anjanette Sinesio: 22:32
Yes. So of the three stones we have, the clear quartz is considered like the master healer stone. So if you’re really looking for that overall healing, I would say use quartz with any of the finishes. We have three different finishes. We have gold, yellow gold, and it’s a silver finish. So whatever you like. Amethyst is for protection and then Rose quartz is our love for love. So quartz would really be like the overall master healing stone. And you could also collect them and put different stones or put them together, you know, and just like we have our wellness blend, which is amethyst, Rose quartz, clear quartz in our bottle. You can kind of put it all together and stack the stones on one if you want. It’s a fun way to kind of create your little crystal elixir.

Caspar Szulc: 23:22
Yeah, we’ve always recommended this for patients because again, for me it’s all about the little things you could do every day that leads you in a healing direction. Right? And this is one that’s really simple and it’s pretty important because you’re going to be drinking a lot of water. Why not take that extra step to really kind of invigorate that water to re-energize that water and drink it. So yeah, from our perspective, this is a no brainer that, you know, if you’re healing for sure you want to take every little step that’s pushing you in that direction, even if it’s minimal, you know? And, and I’m not saying it’s going to be minimal maximum everyone is different. Like you had an initial reaction that was great and then others may just save just water. Right. But I think you should take those steps when you’re talking about healing and you’re going through a sickness or anything like that and going through medical treatment.

So I absolutely advise it. We’ve tested it here at the center and it tested really well. I took Poland Spring, which was basically a neutral type of product and nothing that’s going to regenerate cells or anything like that, but won’t be toxic to you either. Right. And we tested it after we put it in there and it turned more into regenerating, which was great, you know. Yeah, no we did it in front a bunch of docs. I had them all tested it as well and we did this through bioenergetic different things and using EAV systems versus muscle testing, versus a lecture into all those different ways you could do it. And all these doctors came because we had a seminar here and then they were all looking at it wondering if it worked or not. So we put it through the test and it worked.

Yeah, it energized the water. But we actually did do that and that was really wonderful to see because it’s taking neutral water, which should be in some ways at a starting point. As long as it’s not toxic, I think that’s fine. It will hydrate you, but it will really get the cells to regenerate too, you know, to revitalize and bleed you in a healing direction. Yes. And that’s what’s really cool about this. And then I definitely recommend any patient, any, anybody, really, why not take this step to go there?

Anjanette Sinesio: 25:28
Look, if you know this whole thing, the simple things, it’s just these little, little steps. You know, sometimes it doesn’t have to be that you’re changing so many things that feel overwhelming. I think sometimes people get overwhelmed with wellness, right? Like, I need to do this, I need to this. It’s simple, simple steps. Right now a lot of the restaurants are not giving plastic straws out anymore. They’re giving paper stores straws and they’re kind of disintegrating kind of quickly, right? So it’s like, Oh, I love that they’ve done this, but here they are disintegrating. Now you’re getting this water, which you don’t really know what is it? It’s most likely, hopefully, filtered, maybe, maybe not. But if you just had the straw that you carry and it has a little carry pouch with the crystal, you, you’re revitalizing it on the go and it’s just that little extra something when you’re at a restaurant that you can have fun with. And it can be a conversation starter too, just like when I walk around with my bottle.

Caspar Szulc: 26:28
Oh yeah, no, absolutely. I mean, and that’s the beauty of it. You’re being proactive and you’re doing in a way that isn’t impeding, is actually more of a conversation starter and you can kind of bring that up and hopefully influence other people. Start taking action because again, water is essential and you, and you want to have high-quality water and this is a really cool, interesting way of doing that. So I applaud you for taking those steps. Looking into the future, where do you see gem water going? Where do you see even the industry? Where would you like to see the industry as well? And even medicine and health going?

Anjanette Sinesio: 27:04
You know, I think that people are now becoming much more open to experiencing and exploring what gemstones can do for you and when other alternative medicines can do for you. I am excited to be a part of that. I’m excited that with my connections of stores that I’ve worked with as a designer, jewelry designer, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s. All these different stores that may not have ever thought to carry something like this and bring it to that. The consumer base is fantastic and I just see it growing and growing between stores like that and more spas and more studios you know, have more products will be coming out. I think also the interest in crystals has been reawakened. I mean we’ve been in Vogue and W and Elle, like fashion magazines for this accessory because they’re interested in the beauty of it. But people would want to, are I think, more, excited to actually try something… well, maybe this will work. It’s not gonna, it won’t hurt me. And it’s pretty. Uso that’s been great to have like those mainstream fashion magazines besides the ones like Self that might normally have something like this or a yoga magazine, but to have this in those magazines, just really putting that energy out there that crystals are beautiful but functional. I mean, it’s the core of the earth.

Caspar Szulc: 28:39
It is. It’s coming from Mother Earth and in a sense it’s coming from Mother Earth to help us heal. And that’s the beauty because you’re, you’re taking that and making it available in this beautiful way to help heal us. So thank you for it.

Anjanette Sinesio: 28:53
Thank you. I’m, I’m thankful to Ewald  in Germany and his family. I feel this connection to them for creating this there and bringing that healing to the world and giving me the opportunity to help people and also in my expression of who I am and what I’m trying to do. I just want the world and people to feel really loved, right? That’s one of my goals. And I think that there’s a way that we love ourselves and we take care of ourselves and our wellbeing. I mean, I’m here, I just actually came to see your dad to find out more about my wellness and my wellbeing and the communication, my own body. What fascinated me about what with the health care you asking this last question is our body communicates with us and we don’t always understand what it’s saying. And I sometimes am clear on it and sometimes I’m not.  I’ve had miraculous healing things I’ve held, I’ve done with my body. And then there are days I don’t feel like I can do it. And when I was reading more about your father’s approach, I just felt like I had to come here too, to learn more about what’s going on with my body. Because we’re this electric, coal. And there’s all this amazing stuff that, that we’re feeding in and out of. And I want to optimize my vehicle, who I am specific to me, cause it’s not like one size fits all. And I think too many doctors just don’t look at us that way. I think I even shared with you when I had this fibroid that I healed and my doctor didn’t even want to believe me. He kind of dismissed me. And I thought, why wouldn’t you look into this? Why aren’t you fascinated? I mean, I was pretty fascinated. Yeah. I was like in my phone I have like a little thing that says fibroid miracle, I write in miracle, you know, to remind me comes up. Cause I, I have that power, I want to remember that. And I know sometimes I forget it a lot and a lot of us do. And I just want to always stay connected to the miraculous beauty. The way that the universe has this code that it’s downloaded. It’s in us. So sometimes we disconnect from it. And having the crystals, everything I can do to keep remembering, remembering because I forget too much.

Caspar Szulc: 31:37
We all do, we all do. And it’s those proactive steps, the ones you’re taking and others more and more are taking towards understanding ourselves a little bit more. Health is understanding yourself, being true to yourself in a sense and living that authentic life. Right? And that’s not always easy. You’re right, there are ups and downs in it all and we do get a little bit lost with ourselves even in understanding that. And that’s okay. I always tell patients, you don’t have to be some kind of guru in yourself. Healing is a lifelong process. First off, it’s an educational process in some way. It’s a process, getting in touch with ourselves over and over again through different stages of our lives. And sometimes things come up where you have those bad days and you know, good days. We can’t judge ourselves for it, but just accept them and to try and do the best with it and be proactive. And do things like use Gem-Water to go in and see a doctor and try and understand things a little bit better and seek out new information to help yourself. Yeah. Right.

Anjanette Sinesio: 32:35
Yeah. And I think too, for women you know, for me you know, I’ll be 49 this year and I’m experiencing a lot of changes and it’s almost like a new body. I’m almost like, Oh, what, what is this body? Well, I’m not sure what to do. And that really was like, I’m coming here unsure, you know, what is really the best way for me to eat? I’ve tried different things. I’m not sure what’s working right. And I need information and I don’t know what the information is. And I thought this is one of the best ways I can really understand how I’m functioning now in this, this is the first time. I’m going to be 49. You know, it’s different and hormones change and your, your body goes through things as a woman that are different at this age. And I want to understand it so that I’m still vital.

Caspar Szulc: 33:29
Well, it’s amazing you’re doing those things because you’re again, being that proactive self to understand it and do it in the right way, to really go at the true underlying pieces of understanding gray. It’s very easy to kind of understand the surface level things and kind of leave it be, yeah. But to go deeper and, and to try and get to that truth of your inner intelligence. I will say that that’s, we’re always seeking the truth about ourselves, about what’s out there. And that’s the best we can do is be truth-seekers on this journey of healing and this journey of change as you said, and everything else. So might as well make it a beautiful journey and keep seeking the truth. Right? And so I thank you so much for being here today and sharing this story. It’s an amazing story and I totally think people should go out there and use Gem-Water, understand these pieces more, look into gemstones even more and kind of really build your awareness about these things because suddenly you’re armed with more and more tools to preserve what I say is the greatest gift – our health. So thank you so much Anjanette.

Anjanette Sinesio: 34:36
Thank you for having me.

Caspar Szulc: 34:38
Well there you have it. The story of Gem-Water engine that’s been kind enough to share a special offer. For listeners of your healthier story, simply go to and use the code IM2019 that’s the letter I, letter M, two zero one nine to receive a free limited edition gold or diamond white loop with the purchase of any gem water bottle that offer is valid through November 12th so act now. I hope you enjoy this episode and if you did, leave us a rating in iTunes or go over to and under the section podcast, you’ll find this post. Leave us a comment there. You’ll also find new articles up right now on the website with things like top probiotic supplements as advised by our medical center NYCIM or which supplements you should and should not be taking to improve your health. I think you’ll find it really interesting. Until next time, be healthy, be happy.

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