The Story of Real Mushrooms with Skye Chilton

They’re described as magical, out of this world, cancer busting, immune boosting, and brain balancing. We’re talking about mushrooms. Today’s guest has been around mushrooms his entire life. His father, Jeff Chilton, was an instrumental figure in the creation of the now booming medicinal mushroom product category. And he’s now carrying the torch. We’ll discuss his thoughts on psychedelics and healing, what to look for in a mushroom-based product, why mushrooms from China get a bad wrap, and we even try and pull out an answer on his favorite mushroom.

This is the story of Real Mushrooms with Skye Chilton.

“Mushrooms they’re primarily immunomodulators. So they have compounds in them that are going to help either modulate our immune system, which is regulation. So they try to keep our body in homeostasis.”

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