The Story of Shift Happens (AmpCoil) with Freddie Kimmel

Freddie is one of those special people that has been through so much hardship and suffering, yet emanates love and kindness. He is a proud survivor of metastatic cancer, Lyme and mold toxicity. You’d think after dealing with such devastating illnesses at a young age, he might be a little jaded or disenchanted with life. But wanna know what his stance is on chronic disease? “One of the greatest blessings has been the presence of chronic illness for the last 20 years.”

He’s a Transformational Coach, host and creator of the Beautifully Broken Podcast and part of the management team at AmpCoil – a pulsed-electromagnetic field therapy device. In addition, he’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, “State of the Arts” on LA talk radio, and in Dance Magazine. Why Dance Magazine? That’s because he’s performed in over 75 professional productions of musical theater all over the country including Broadway touring productions of Phantom of the Opera, Billy Elliot and he’s played the title role in the Broadway-bound Cagney the musical in New York City. And this all happened packed in between chemotherapy sessions and surgeries. The man is a living inspirational billboard.

This is the story of shift happens with Freddie Kimmel.

AmpCoil PEMF Therapy

“Transmembrane potential. Sodium potassium pump. Ion exchange. Oxygen uptake. There’s so many benefits from magnetics, coupled with frequency.”

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