The Story of Viome with Naveen Jain

Imagine living in a world where illness is optional. That’s precisely what one visionary has done. And if any field needs visionaries, its health and medicine. This episode we bring on a dream and serial entrepreneur with a serious track record that’s now tackling personalized nutrition and supplementation like no one has before. He’ll share his story and thoughts on why the future of healthcare, counter to what many believe, is looking incredibly bright.

This is the story of Viome with Naveen Jain.

So I really think the biggest innovation in healthcare is going to come, not from the healthcare industry, but it’s going to come from the outsiders who are bringing the ideas… So when people talk about thinking outside the box, it is not that it is thinking inside a different box, you know people like us are saying, wait a sec, this is not healthcare. This is a big data problem.

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