Understanding Information and Medicine

We are living in the Information Age. Thousands of pieces of information in different forms can now easily be accessed and deciphered to reach anybody regardless of where they are in the world. With now tested and proven theories such as quantum entanglement, Quantum physicists have validated the dawn of this new age  by successfully teleporting information (photons) a span of 88 miles between two of the Canary Islands. This really is the science of the future… and it’s happening, now.

“Ask anybody what the physical world is made of, and you are likely told matter and energy. Yet, if we have learned anything from engineering, biology, and physics, information is just as crucial an ingredient.”
– Physicist Jacob D. Bekenstein

Yet as much as information has guided our civilization, up until today, it has yet to be introduced in the realm of medicine. While conventional medicine has done wonders in decoding DNA and the information it contains, we treat patients on the basis of how this information is expressed (in the form of ailments and symptoms) and do not go directly to the source-code information itself. – Just think; how much trouble would we save if we could send our bodies the correct signals to get better, and our organs and systems would obey, starting with the molecules and cells? – To send information and generate a response, just like sending an email or a text message?

What is this “deep informational” level?

As it pertains, now, to the human organism, there is a growing recognition in the importance of addressing the “root source of disease” or “dysfunction” within integrative and alternative medicine. But questions do remain:

    • What is this “root source“?
    • How does it correlate  to our state of health?
    • And how can it be accessed, influenced, and altered for total healing that starts from the foundation and filters up?

Fortunately, the key to answering all of these questions lies in the scientific principles that have been well established by quantum physicists who teach us that:

  • All matter is energy
  • Energy exists in the form of vibrational waves (the density of which determine the material manifestation)
  • Waves are carriers and transmitters of information
  • The type of waves (amplitude, frequency, density, shape and quality) determine the type of information being transmitted, and
  • The type or quality of information that constitutes a human being will determine that person’s quality of health

So how does this relate to medicines and treatments?

Consider the analogy of a computer: It has a defined body or form, the components that we call “hardware.”  As you read this right now, you’re starting at a screen. And it performs certain functions according to its programs, or “software.” Perhaps you are using Google Chrome or FireFox. But there is one more element that is required for a computer to carry out any of its functions. That element lays at the most fundamental level.  It is information – in this case, it is the coding that tells the program which functions to run and exactly how those functions should perform. (The words you read are packets of information, coded in html or some other format, that is in turn comprehensible to you as you read it.)

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Not unlike the analogy of a computer, all biological organisms require information in order for our components (hormones, chemicals, neurotransmitters, proteins, etc.) to carry out their proper functions. The problem comes when information is distorted due to an array of interference fields that result in disease and dysfunction.

Thinking about health from this perspective and understanding that, while chemistry is affected, the root source of dysfunction is “wrong information”, it becomes obvious that any attempted solution must address this root cause if it is to be widely successful in restoring health on ALL levels, top to bottom.

Informational Therapies

Today, incredible medical solutions exist that work on the principle of exchanging information and providing the body with correct information to initiate a healing response. This information can then be transmitted to the organs, and just like DNA provide information on how certain functions of the body are to perform. In this manner, we approach all sources of disease and dysfunction from a ground-up approach, where root causes are truly addressed and health may manifest itself through regulation on the ground level.

Just a few examples of Innovative Medicine Solutions that act as ‘informational therapies’ include:

  • ACMOS Method: specialty therapy for the balancing of a patient’s energetic fields and to reestablish proper energetic signaling within the body.
  • Audiocolor Therapy: uses the mechanical frequencies of sound and the electromagnetic frequencies of color to stimulate innate healing mechanisms.
  • Organotherapy: Also known as biological mRNA therapy, is a complementary therapy used to rectify diseased organs, glands, and tissues by means of glandular and tissue extracts, diluted and dynamized according to homeopathic principles.
  • Sound Wave Energy Therapy: An energy medicine method that harnesses the energy of sound waves to restore a full spectrum of vibrational energy to the human body.
  • Homeopathy: A natural and safe method of stimulating the body’s own defense system.

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