What are Bodies About and For? by Bernie Siegel

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I have written, in other places, about our Creator’s latest parable relating to us that we are satellite dishes, remote controls and television screens. To clarify the meaning of these words for those, who like me have problems with parables, we are receivers of words and images and have minds, like remotes, with which we can select the channels we tune in to and we have bodies, like screens, to act out and make visible what we have heard. The problem is that people are usually not tuning in to the right channel and listening to the right voice speaking the message of creation, which is to serve, rather than the voice of destruction or self interest.

So now you know why we are given bodies but why are they so complex, interesting and far from being robotic or trouble free? Why don’t they come with a warranty? Just think of the first one cell organism and you begin to understand. How do you survive the changes as the universe is being created? You huddle together like a family in times of trouble protected by those on the outside who may die because of temperature changes and dehydration while those in the center survive. How do they communicate warning signals to each other during times of stressful exposure and the opposite when the danger is past? They communicate through the neuropeptides they secrete and excrete into the environment so the cell membranes in the vicinity are alerted to the conditions which exist. Some plants and animals still communicate in this way to protect each other from environmental dangers.

It impresses me to think that our cell membranes are really what control our health and lives, in a sense. Think of how many senses our skin, like a cell membrane is capable of feeling. Think of how many neuropeptides a cell can learn from about what behavior is required of it. Most massage therapists use only their hands to massage a client; that is a big mistake. Our skin can feel pain or pleasure, pressure or touch, heat or cold not to mention our other senses of sight, smell and sound. We are in contact with the world through our skin. As therapists perhaps it is time to start using fur gloves, as well as, various healing aromas, sounds and sights when we are massaging or touching each other.

Unfortunately because we have learned to think we have depleted another vital sense. The intuitive sense that warns us before a threatening situation is upon us. From one celled organisms to jungle creatures the intuitive sense is a life saver. Any pet owner knows how animals read your mind and intention when you walk into a room. An antelope on the plains of Africa may be saved from a crouching lion by this sense and one of our cats avoids my combing his fur coat by hiding when I enter the room intent on grooming him. An hour later I enter the room and sit down next to him because I have changed my mind but how does he know that?

The CIA uses distant viewing to gain insight into events in other countries and my friend Amelia Kinkade, an animal intuitive whom I met, from California visualized our son’s home in Connecticut and described it in detail and where our missing cat, which I thought was dead after being gone for several weeks, was. By following her description and instructions I was able to go and rescue BooBoo. How could she see from California and how does she communicate with animals?

We are all capable of doing it but our thinking gets in the way. I started ‘talking’ to our pets after this happened and it works. We speak in pictures and thoughts and they know what I am up to and when I need their cooperation. It works. Try it. Walk into a room thinking something and see how the creatures in the room react to you and your chemistry. Dogs can predict seizures, heart attacks, insulin reactions and sniff out malignancies. Why have we lost the ability?

I know when I worked with patients there were times I entered a trance state and could tell who was getting well and who wasn’t regardless of their test results. My students were always amazed when I would say things or ask questions that were pertinent and yet I had no information to lead me to say, do or ask about the subject. I see it as a hypnotic state in which communication happens on another level.

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The cell membrane level, in a sense, which allows me to sense the chemistry of the person and their environment. So please when an organism enters your presence be aware of their chemistry and yours and communicate your care and love through all the senses so their cell membranes know they are safe, loved and to be healed.

What proves this to me is a strange thing we and other animals do. We sleep. Why would evolution lead us to do such a dangerous thing if it weren’t necessary? I see it as dangerous because in the past we didn’t sleep in alarmed houses but out in the open, an easy meal for predators. It is true we still hear in our sleep but predators can creep up very quietly like good burglars.

I believe we sleep to rest and communicate with that part of our brain that is responsible for this intuitive wisdom and our survival behavior. If not sleep would be unnecessary. Resting our bodies could be done by taking breaks during the day but sleep is a very different activity that is tied into our survival. Our dreams are a part of this behavior and a necessary source of survival information also from telling you which treatment is best for your cancer to many other important decisions we make in our life times.

So touch the membrane with love and let it filter into the bodies of your clients. Pray for and intend good things for yourselves and your clients. When you find yourself in harmony with the universe and getting the weather you need you will have visible signs that it is happening in your life. Finding pennies on your path is also a sign God uses. Think of the words on the face of a penny. Astronomers and quantum physicists understand because they know that desire, and I add intention and determination, alter the physical world thus causing things to occur which would not normally occur if they were not desired. So be careful what you desire and pray for.

About Dr. Siegel

Dr. Bernard Siegel is an internationally known physician that embraces a philosophy of living and dying that stands at the forefront of the medical ethics and spiritual issues our Society grapples with today. In May 2011, Bernie was honored by the Watkins Review of London, England, as one of the Top 20 Spiritually Influential Living People on the Planet. He continues to break new ground in the field of healing, supporting changes in medical education to “humanize” medical practice. Read Bernie’s regular blog posts on his website where you will also find his books, articles, and CDs at his website.

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