Why You Should be Drinking Chaga Tea

We are in the technological age. Our knowledge continues to expand. And as we learn more, we continue to define and clarify what is good for our health and what is bad for our health.

As we learn more about chemicals and their reactions in the body, scientists have discovered various downsides to commonly used medicines. For example, long-term use of NSAIDs is linked to stomach issues. Chemotherapy treatment for cancer could lead to heart or nerve damage.

As doctors and medical professionals attempt to reduce these risks, natural medicine and alternative health options continue to rise.

Unfortunately, many health foods and plants have little credible evidence to back up their beneficial health claims.

However, the chaga mushroom has proved in many scientific studies to have an array of benefits. It is even referred to as the ‘King of Medicinal Mushrooms.’

Frequently consumed in the form of a tea, chaga has shown to have protective properties against tumors, viruses, allergies, inflammation, pain, and more.

What is Chaga?

It may look and feel like a lump of coal, but chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is something that should be in your cupboard. The chaga mushroom itself originates from colder climate areas, such as Siberia, Canada, and Alaska. This fungi specifically infects birch trees. Surprisingly, it may live attached to its host for up to 60 years. It further has a charred appearance, and unlike other mushrooms, it is hard to the touch.

While typical mushrooms are soft and have an umbrella shape, chaga is very hard and is similar to the appearance of dark tree bark.

So, Why Do We Recommend Its Use? It’s simple – chaga has a ton of health benefits.

Civilizations have used chaga throughout history to ease digestive issues and pain. More recently, scientists have discovered that chaga has a high antioxidant count per gram. When compared to the antioxidant amounts in a gram of pomegranate, the chaga mushroom has over 10 times the amount.

The ability to boost immune response is another reason we recommend chaga. Researchers in both Russia and Japan have made claims that chaga is a potent immunostimulant. The Japanese Cancer Society also stated that ‘chaga plays an important role in combating cancer and it is jointly used with pharmacology drugs and chemotherapy to diminish their side effects’.

What does this Mean?

In short, it means that chaga can help protect your body from damage, such as from the development of cancerous cells. Researchers also found that it may suppress the effects of HIV. And that it could potentially contribute to the development of new antiviral drugs.

Scientific studies have even showed that chaga activates immune cells, such as interleukin 6 and T lymphocytes – which are important cells in the body’s immune response. In addition, chaga activates immune cells responsible for combating cancer initiation. Laboratory and animal studies show that compounds in chaga can also kill cancer cells selectively while stimulating the immune system.

Other benefits include the potential to reduce inflammation and fatigue and improve cognitive functioning.

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How Do You Prepare Chaga Tea?

Chaga tea is very simple to prepare, although you’ll want to be somewhat patient as it’s not a 5 minute steeping process like most leaf based teas.

Combine 6-10 chaga chunks with 2-3 liters of water. Bring the water and chunks to simmer. Let them simmer for at least 3 hours. After 3 hours, the water should take on a dark brown appearance. Remove the chaga chunks with a spoon or filter through a strainer. Drink the tea warm or put it in the fridge for a few hours for a cooler and more refreshing beverage.

You can reuse the chaga chunks normally about 3 times before discarding. To do so, store them in an airtight container or bag and leave them in your freezer.

“Add a cinnamon stick and some whole cloves during the last hour of preparing your chaga tea for added flavor and health benefits. I prepare this once a week and drink it daily chilled in the summer during my morning commute instead of coffee or other teas.”

Co-Founder of Innovative Medicine

What Kind of Chaga Tea is Best?

Like with most things, chaga comes in a number of different varieties and not all are created equal. At Innovative Medicine, our medical team tested many chaga tea brands as part of our qualitative assessment process with every product that our medical center, NYCIM, provides to patients. Some of the ready to make tea bags simply did not stand the qualitative test because they were already processed and lost quality upon this refinement and manufacturing processes. Based off of our research and analysis, we determined the best type that is most compatible with the human body for health benefits.

The Maine Chaga Tea Chunks proved the most effective and quality product on the market. Reap the benefits and improve your health through holistic and natural means. Live a longer, fuller, and healthier life.

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