NYCIM Approach Featured in Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Radio Podcast

Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof and author of New York Times bestseller “The Bulletproof Diet” and “Super Human”, is a pioneer in the field of human optimization and biohacking. In fact, he’s spent two decades and over $1 Million to hack his own biology. And he understands the importance of mitochondrial health and thinking outside the box to improve your state of health. That’s why he had Caspar Szulc, Co-Founder of Innovative Medicine and the Managing Director of NYCIM on the show, to discuss how Innovative Medicine and the New York Center of Innovative Medicine is truly pushing the boundaries in medicine.

Show Notes

  • There is a crisis of energy out there 00:06:05
  • The various ways to consume NAD 00:15:00
  • Two ways that you can feel NAD 00:21:20
  • A story from an older woman who started using NAD 00:22:45
  • The natural cycle of NAD 00:25:25
  • Sleep is incredibly important 00:27:15
  • Alzheimer’s and NAD 00:30:10
  • What is pleomorphism? 00:34:15
  • Our approach is to address root causes 00:38:30
  • We live in a society that is bogged down with stressors 00:46:50
  • Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe 00:57:45

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