NYCIM Receives Training in TruDose PRP Regenerative Therapy

One of the greatest aspects of working in medicine is that you never stop learning. Whether you are in the world of allopathic or biological medicine, the road to knowledge is endless and ever winding. Here at NYCIM, we are constantly studying, learning, exploring, and researching the latest and greatest therapies from around the world. 

Since most of our patients have struggled with a chronic illness, we are continually on the hunt for new, regenerative treatments that can repair damaged tissue. While we have spent quite a bit of time exploring the benefits and potential uses of stem cells, we were recently introduced to a unique therapy that piqued our interest. This therapy can stimulate your body to produce its very own stem cells.  Interestingly enough, this “new” therapy has actually been around for a while but now has a truly innovative twist. It’s called TruDose PRP

While the benefits of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) are verified and have been well documented for many health issues, including arthritis, the results have been mixed. Some patients who receive PRP intra-articular injections have amazing, lasting results. Other patients, with similar problems, receive the same injections and show no benefit. So, why does the therapy work for some, but not others? 

TruDose PRP: A New, Personalized Approach to Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Inconsistent results with traditional PRP methods have limited its value. As mentioned previously, this leaves us asking the obvious question: why are the results inconsistent? If platelets can stimulate healing, why would they not help everyone? Now, for the first time ever, we have an answer: dosing inaccuracies

Every patient is unique, down to the exact concentration of platelets within their blood. Factors such as chronic illness, genetics, age, and even gender can lead to a wide range of platelet concentrations.  When it comes to PRP, determining the exact platelet concentration that is necessary to enhance healing is key to obtaining desired results. 

“TruDose PRP offers a super-physiological dosage that eliminates the variability of PRP treatments.”
Connie Esch, Bridging Biosciences

TruDose creator, Tapley Holland, capitalized on this issue stating that you need 1.5 billion platelets per milliliter in order to achieve angiogenesis (production of new blood vessels). This threshold was key in developing the new, TruDose technology that delivers patient-specific, therapeutic dosages of PRP. TruDose eliminates inconsistencies and provides validated, customized, and highly concentrated PRP treatments. With this technology, we are able to figure out the exact amount of blood we need to extract, centrifuge, and inject with each patient in order to achieve the maximum benefit. By guaranteeing a therapeutic dose, TruDose helps to induce your body’s own natural healing, including the use of your own stem cells to regenerate tissue. This is helping to bridge the gap between traditional PRP therapy and stem cell therapy, which shows incredible promise but is still not well understood or regulated and is very expensive.

TruDose Training at NYCIM

Before we administer any type of treatment to our patients, we like to test it out on ourselves. After learning about TruDose, we eagerly reached out and requested a training session where we could experience the therapy. Three of our staff members, including myself, decided to take part in the experiment and received the TruDose PRP intravenously. Overall, the entire procedure took between 30-45 minutes and consisted of 7 easy steps.

Step 1: Fingerstick to obtain a small drop of blood.

Step 2: Blood was tested in a special digital counter to establish the baseline platelet count. 

Knowing a precise baseline platelet count allows for personalization and precision in the administration of a highly concentrated number of platelets for the most effective results.

Step 3: The TruDose software was used to determine the amount of blood that needed to be drawn based off of the patient’s baseline platelet count and the route of administration (IV, intra-articular, etc.)

Step 4: The appropriate amount of blood was drawn from the patient.

Medicine is a dynamic art. New discoveries and breakthroughs mean that practitioners should be constantly training and learning. This is a philosophy that NYCIM embodies.

Step 5: The blood was placed in a centrifuge (and spun two separate times) to separate the PRP from the red blood cells.

Step 6: The PRP was then extracted and re-tested to validate that the concentration reached a therapeutic level.

Step 7: The appropriate amount of isolated PRP was given via IV push. 

The procedure was minimally painful and quicker than most other IV’s that we provide. Although it’s still early, so far each of our team members has reported feeling more energized but has not noted any other significant changes. However, like stem cells, PRP takes time to work its magic. Most healing doesn’t take place for at least three weeks, but can often take several months. 

NYCIM Working on Making it Truly Innovative

We are currently studying and testing the equipment, product, and potential benefit of this new therapy. We believe that it has the potential to be greatly beneficial for many patients, especially those suffering from residual joint pain, fatigue, or neurodegenerative diseases. However, we are always looking to keep things innovative, understanding that no singular treatment stands alone as a ‘cure’. Dr. Szulc and the entire team are currently exploring other interesting synergies that could further potentiate the TruDose PRP. Since every patient is different, we are looking at ways to personalize the PRP for everyone, pairing it with various modalities to target each patient’s weaknesses and to enhance the therapy as a whole. Whether it is hyperpolarized light therapies, additional IV ingredients, Acmograms, or lasers, we are studying all potential additions that could produce top-notch results. 

Stay tuned as we continue the journey of innovation…

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