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Somavedic Vedic

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The Somavedic Vedic delivers an astounding 50% more potency compared to preceding product generations. Its design exemplifies the mastery of artistry and science, providing an unparalleled integration into any home and workplace. The interior of the Vedic corpus is elegantly adorned with a layer of silver plating, adding to its allure and sophistication.

  • Suited for larger properties: clinics, offices, SPA, and households
  • Achieves 100% water structuring for optimal hydration effects
  • Low light emission for balanced circadian cycles
  • Innovative stone composition for space harmonization and reduction of oxidative stress.
  • Silver-plated glass body made from vaseline glass for even more potency.

This Innovative Medicine approved device recommended to patients seeking a harmonized and healing environment.

Elimination of negative influences in your home: 3G, 4G, 5G, EMF, geopathic zones (stress), viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds, free radicals.

Listen to the podcast - The Story of Somavedic with Juraj Kocar

What it Comes With
Kit comes with 1 Somavedic Vedic and power cord.
Get better sleep, clearer thinking, and an overall greater sense of wellbeing.
How to Use It
It's really simple - just find a place for the beautiful glass device and plug it in. The unit covers a large area and is suitable for larger homes or medical centers such as our own NYCIM.