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YouMatrix TECH Tablet

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YouMatrix TECH Tablet devices convert the artificial frequencies from your tablet into the biocompatible frequencies necessary for cellular regeneration.

YouMatrix TECH Tablet has embedded patent-pending microcrystalline structure that transforms man-made EMFs into biocompatible frequencies that your biology can utilize. Simply stick it to the back of any cell phone and transform (not block) the artificial frequencies it produces—which cannot be recognized by any biological system—into a known biocompatible format so that they can be utilized by biological systems as intended by nature.

How to Use
All you have to do is remove the backing from the YouMatrix tablet adapters and adhere it to the backside of your laptop in 4 corners on the bottom and a 5th on in the middle. It is a good idea to clean your tablet so that it adheres better. The logo doesn’t have to be straight in order for it to be effective. It is merely for aesthetic purposes to have it aligned.
How it Works
Unlike most EMF-shielding devices, YouMatrix does not block, absorb, or re-direct EMFs. Instead, it transforms artificial electromagnetic radiation into biocompatible frequencies as they are exposed to the microcrystalline structure within the YouMatrix device. This patent-pending process restores the missing spin in the artificial EMFs that allows our body’s water molecules to function normally and do their job – transporting information between the body’s cells and tissues.
Who Created It?
Designed by famed French researcher Pierre Nicolas, YouMatrix is the result of 56 years of research in electromagnetic radiation and how to protect us from harmful radiation patterns.